About Me

Hey prospective fans, I'm Emily.

I love all things health and fitness related. I have run 5 half marathons (and counting), 2 sprint triathlons (and no more) and I love running and hiking the trails near my house with my handsome poodle Buckley. Buckley and I try to balance what we eat by working out everyday. The exercises may vary, the motivation ebb, but we always find a way to stay inspired (see: bribes of new workout clothes with matching bandannas for dog).

I have no natural inclination to be fit so everyday I make a CHOICE. Not all days are perfect, dessert happens, I bounce back and keep Sweating Sugar (at least that is what I imagine the salt stains on my running hats to be!)  
                               Send us fan mail at sweatingsugarblog@gmail.com
workout partner and dog - Buckley

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