Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Damage Is Done

Dearest Sweets,

The damage is done and now I need to fix it. Damn you kids and your cookies! The Girl Scout Cookies are going to be the death of me! HM and I made such a healthy dinner last night...

Chicken Stir Fry Lettuce Wraps
But after dinner is where things took a turn for the worse. Why Samoas! WHY!!!!

After almost half a box disappeared, I realized that damage was done and now I had to do everything in my power to fix it. I could have hopped on my spin bike in the basement and watched Biggest Loser, but I needed to work in more mid-week runs. To the gym I went. I struck a deal with myself. If I ran negative splits, I could go home and sit of the couch and enjoy Biggest Loser (and not hop on the bike).

This is just a picture of my treadmill. I know it does not tell you much, but negative splits happened. Oh yeah they did! Depending on your fitness background, you may not find this impressive. I started at a 5.8 pace. At one mile I upped it to 6.0. At the 2 mile mark I bumped it to 6.1. The last half mile I ran at 6.3. I dropped to 5.0 for the extra 0.10 mile cool down.

I definitely enjoyed my time on the couch watching TV after that run. The contestants rowed 10,000 meters last night. I am not much of a rower but at BifG, we often do a 500 meter row, 0.25 mile sprint (repeat 4 times). I couldn't help but wonder...could I row 10,000 meters? I would love to try it sometime this week. Maybe eating a few more Girl Scout Cookies will give me the motivation I need.......

Just kidding Sweets.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fad Diets and Poodle Ailments


For those of you have been living under a rock, it is Girl Scout Cookie time. I ordered three boxes of Samoas. Soooo good. I realized that one serving, which is two small cookies, requires a mile and half of running (140 calories) to burn off!!! OMG. In every direction, my coworkers were eating boxes upon boxes in one day. One coworker counted fat:

Evil. Just Evil.

"There are X amount of fat per serving"

Another coworker said:

"There are Y grams of sugar per cookie"

I kept thinking:

"There are Z amount of calories, which require XX amount of exercise."

It is interesting what each person identifies as the "evil" component. I think that says something about eating habits. To say there are no trends is dieting is a lie. There most absolutely are trends!

No matter how you measure, a desk full of cookies is bad
We all have our own way to evaluate diets and make decisions on what we eat. The diet fads contradict each other and that is what is so exhausting. There are some diet fads that annoy me more than others, probably because people close to me preach about them. I know I have harped on this before, but I am so annoyed at this whole gluten free fad and it is getting out of control. Wheat is not bad....unless you are the 1% of the population that is ACTUALLY allergic to wheat. In one lunch, I was faced with the contradiction: Is wheat good or bad?

Wow, so chick peas don't contain wheat? Wow. Who knew!?!?!
But course three (yogurt was course two and also free of wheat), placed doubt about my new found hatred of wheat. If wheat is bad, but organic is good....where do my animal crackers leave me?

"Made With Organic Wheat"
One lunch item is wheat free, but the other one is organic wheat. Arrrgghhhh. What to do! What to do?!?!? I think it is important for every one to just do what works best for them and not feel like they are superior to anyone else. I mean seriously, are you going to live like a week longer?

That brings me to my closing argument. Little Buckley went to the Vet yesterday and she informed us (based on weak evidence) that Buckley may have a chronic poodle disease. It is some lame little issue but it would require a lifetime of pills. And there is no guarantee that he actually has it.

Going to the Vet SUCKS!!!!
Don't you start on me now dog. You are just fine. Just because most poodles have Addison disease does not mean you have it. You are also not allergic to wheat. Oh, but the new fad is to buy you organic dog food.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Weekend Long Run


I was so nervous about my long run this weekend and you know what? It was not that bad. It definitely felt like 8 miles, but not 8 miles run while out of shape, like I thought it would be. My good luck may have been attributed to my awesome breakfast of animal cookies and a banana, or it could have been attributed to Liz's outfit. She tried to pretend that she was too cool for school, but she came to her senses and bought her first piece of lulu gear.

You can't fight city hall Liz
We decided to take our 8 miles to the Jordon River Parkway. It is a great place to just run and not worry about traffic or surprise hills.  We normally avoid the parkway during the spring because snow melt tends to flood sections of the path. I figured that would not be a problem in February, but whoops....I was wrong.

Not too worry sweets, we ran a few miles in one direction and then doubled back. From there, we avoided the flooded section by crossing over on the road and continuing on the trail. From that point on, the trail was in great condition. No ice!!

I used the Lap feature on my Garmin for the first time this weekend. I was really excited by our pace for each mile. There were a few miles that were under 10 minutes. Whhhhaaaa? That gets me excited. I feel like real runners are NOT in double digit paces. Almost there!!!! Our average pace was 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

With long legs like these, of course we are fast!!!

I think my Garmin 305 is on its last life. When fully charged, it only lasts about an hour and 15 minutes before giving up.Which is ironic that this weekend was the first time I ever attempted to install and import my Garmin info! I see other bloggers share their splits in nice little spreadsheets. If they type the info into another document then forget it. I am not doing that. If it is a setting...then maybe I will figure it out. Either way, you can enjoy this for now. Each mile was a lap. I hit the lap button on each beep. Is that how it's done?

Let me explain away mile 6. The wind started picking up and we could not even catch our breath. There was some walking breaks. I can't lie now, the Garmin Training Center has been installed. It was a hard run but I was honestly expecting a lot worse. Now that I can review my splits so easily, I might be more motivated to push myself. Maybe by Spring (officially March 20th) I will shed all the double digit splits and the terrible winter wear!

Get ready sweets. Things are about to get speedy!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Be Stessin


As you read this I am likely running my biscuits off on the river parkway. Maybe by a stroke of luck I am having a great run. Maybe. I am in week four of training and I am feeling very unprepared. Like I mentioned a couple of days ago, I have been feeling more in shape.....thanks in large part to BifG.

Here is the problem though sweets....I am working out at BifG three days a week. I have my long run with Miz Liz on Saturdays and a crossfit workout with HM on Sundays.  I am sooooo sore and tired during the week  that I have not been able to sneak in any mid-week runs. It is really starting to stress me out. I have a serious goal I want to accomplish during the half this year (2:10) and I know I need to pump it up. I don't want to go into this race anything but prepared.

During the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon, I started like this:

But then things started to slip.......

And I ended up this:

And if you can't tell from the photographic evidence, it was not a good feeling. I wanted to curl up in a dark part of the Hollywood Studios park and never move. This is NOT the way I want my 2012 SLC Half to go! For this reason, I vow the following:

Should I survive the 8 mile run today, I will make some changes to my weekly schedule. I don't have my exact BifG schedule yet (she usually texts it to me on Sundays), but I am going to plan on running two of the days that I also have BifG. Not long runs, 2-3 miles, but I want to get them in. Hopefully some hills. The third BifG workout will be a stand alone. There will be one additional stand alone run during the week and then my long run on Saturday. I will let you know how it goes. I hope it will help me look as good at the finish line as this guy:

Meow. What a stud!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Thursday, Happy Friday


How did yesterday go for everyone? Mine started out okay and ended really well. I have been having an issue of not feeling rested when my alarm goes off in the morning. I end up getting out of bed later and moving slower. As a result, I get to work late and feel like I am trying to "catch-up" all day. Wednesday night I went to bed earlier than normal. Thursday morning rolled around and I got up 40 minutes earlier. It was so nice to have time to make juice and eat a leisurely breakfast with HM.

I had Quaker Oats Squares with almond milk and the concoction you see above. It had kale, 3 apples, ginger, and lemon. It was awesome. In addition to having time to enjoy breakfast, I could also do my hair and pick out an outfit that didn't look thrown together. I have stopped taking OTD (Outfit of The Day) photos because I get lazy putting together outfits or because my closet room is always a mess.

See what I mean? Even the poodle finds the mess offensive.
Tank: Nordstrom's Rack
Sweater: Anthropologie
Skirt: Anthropologie
Belt: Nordstrom's Rack
Purse: Tory Burch
Watch: Michael Kors
Mess: Author's Own

Maybe my subconscious knew good things were in store for me at work today. I went to lunch with HM today and during lunch I was lamenting about how I felt over worked and under paid (a classic song for anybody having a stressful day). When I got back to the office and stopped by my bosses office to have him sign something. To my amazement, he told me to shut the door and then proceeded to tell me that I was getting a raise and a bit of a promotion. Whhhaaa? I didn't see that coming, but I will take it!

My day significantly improved and by the time I got to book club I was feeling great. We always meet at a different restaurant and tonight's meeting was at a vegetarian restaurant. I found myself amazed for the second time that day. The food was actually GOOD.

Not the best picture I know, but this was my Chef's Special chick pea, heirloom tomatoes, and squash fettechini. I don't know what was on the weird looking toast but it was AMAZING!!!

I was still riding on the high of my day when I was driving home because the sunset looked prettier than normal.

Um yes, I took this while driving....on the freeway. I'm sorry.
Well that is the recap of my yesterday. I am excited that today is Friday. I have BifG this morning and then it is off to Finn's to have my regular Friday breakfast with HM.

Happy Friday = Finn's Breakfast

Have a happy Friday Sweets!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Books and Food For Thought

Hello Sweets,

I thought I would do a little book review for you all. I have book club tonight and we will be reviewing Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children. For what it was, a YA mystery, it was a rather enjoyable read. I took my time reading it and it was an easy read. It was partially narrated with old (turns out, authentic) pictures. I guess there are people out there who search flea markets and garage sales in order to find old and odd photographs. Interesting.

 The next book I am finishing up is the Mind Gym. This one I only read when I need motivation to workout so it has been slow going. That and there are too many baseball references. I am taking some of the things to heart however. Last night at BifG I tried to do my longest plank. My previous time was 2 minutes and 14 seconds. I was dying when my trainer told me I was at the two minute mark. I channeled some of the things I learned from the book and created a mantra which I repeated 10 times. "Don't Give In" I only made it to 2 minutes and 20 seconds....but still!

The next book I want to review is one that HM bought me Monday night. He took me to Barnes and Noble and told me to pick out a book, ladies choice, gentleman's treat. I chose the following:

Organize Now! It is a pretty interesting little book. It is a week by week manual for getting things organized and making life easier. I just started it, but I would highly recommend it.

The last book I want to cover today is the most important.....the brand new Salt Lake City Jr. League cookbook. It is finally out and it is awesome!!!! The best part is, any of your sweets can have your very own copy!!!!

This is one of the best Jr. League cookbooks I have ever seen and it is definitely the nicest one put out by the Salt Lake City league. The theme is 'recipes for great gatherings'. There are a lot of yumminess within the covers.

Jalapeno Goat Cheese Frittata? Um yes please! If you want to order your own copy and be inspired to cook more, whether for your family or house guests, you can do so through this link.
Order a copy today....unless you are related to me (by blood or marriage) because you might already have one reserved for you. Just Saying.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reasons To Grimace.... And Smile


I wish I could say that I am feeling bright and chipper today, but that is just not the case. There is nothing particularly upsetting me. I think I just need some sunny spring weather. In attempt to vent and then move on, I thought I would list 5 things that make me grimace and then move on to 5 things that make me happy. Sound good? Okay then, on we go.

#1 Reason To Grimace - Conda

"Hi, I'm Conda and I am the wuuuurst."
I am sooooo over all the drama in this season's Biggest Loser. Is it just me or does anyone else want to throw water balloons at Conda's face and then dry her off with a wiffle bat? She is the worst. I watch the bachelor for drama. I watch Biggest Loser for inspiration and camaraderie.

#2 Reason To Grimace - Righteous Diets
Just evolve already!
Fads on how to eat "right". We live in a country where most people have an abundance of food options and sufficient means to obtain those food options. This leads to a frenzy to be the "purest" eater. Paleo? You want to eat like a caveman? That means no variety kids. Oh and you are overlooking the fact that humans and their digestive systems have evolved over the past thousands of years. Well done math addicts. Oh not paleo? How about vegetarian? Vegan? Oh forgive me, Gluten sensitive.

#3 Reason To Grimace - Haters (I understand the irony of this one after #2)

Specifically, people who get all bent out of shape about charity race slots. You may or may not know this, but some races are for qualifiers only......unless you are participating on behalf of a charity. I have heard some of my more competitive friends complain about this. To them (through this blog post) I say, calm down. No one is going to confuse an elite athlete who has trained all year with the person who is trying to raise money for children with blood cancers. Lets put things in perspective shall we?

#4 Reason To Grimace -Lazy People

There is one lady who works out at BifG. I am not going to lie, training at that gym is pricey and she is soooo slow. I was working out with my trainer on Monday and she was there with her trainer. I was sweating and feeling light headed. As I sat there trying to catch my breath I was looking at her pedal slow and chatting it up with the people around her. I was exhausted and the irrational amount of annoyance I had for this women was probably more of a reflection of my character than it was for her character.

#5 Reason To Grimace - SLC Marathon Ambiguity

The Salt Lake Marathon is still on thin ice. The scheduled race date is fast approaching and there is still no race director. For years there have been rumors of failure of the racing company to pay vendors and winners (that's why I didn't "go all out" to win it). It looks like everything will work itself out, but I want it to be official so I can shell out the entry fee and push hard on my training runs.

Okay, so there you have five reasons to grimace. Everybody depressed now? Oh my. Let's move on to happier things and maybe we can all cheer up.

#1 Reason To Smile - Toddlers Skiing

I am not a huge fan of children, but I will say there is something so endearing about toddlers on skis. Every time I see a young child on the slopes, I can't help but start giggling.

#2 Reason To Smile - Reggie Got Paid

My car is paid off!!! Woo hoo. HM and I are currently car debt free! Unst Unst Unst. That was one of my new year resolutions. It is very exciting to be able to role the money we would normally shell out on car payments and use it for other paying down our mortgage.....or more poodles. Only in my dreams.

#3 Reason To Smile - 4 Day Work Week

After having a three day weekend, I only have to work a 4 day week before I get another weekend! I have a long run (8 miles) on Saturday and then HM and I are going to look at open houses. On Sunday, I plan to sleep in and then grab brunch with my handsome husband. I might even take the poodle for a hike....if it is sunny.

#4 Reason To Smile - Gift Cards
I have a $100 gift card to Nordstroms burning a hole in my pocket right now. I don't know what I want to use it for, but just knowing it is there makes me smile. I am thinking of applying it towards a pair of floral jeans for spring or a new wallet.

# 5 Reason To Smile - Feeling Fitter

HM always tells me I look fitter, but he might be biased.
I can tell that I am getting healthier and fitter. BifG and training for the race is really helping me slim down. I can tell things are firming up and my pant size has gone down. I hope that I will eventually hit my goal weight and have the changes be visible to others. I hope that by lowering my body weight and increasing muscle at the same time, I will be ready to meet my marathon goal.

Thank you for indulging me Sweets. I needed this. Now I owe you one (or five). Tell me something that makes you grimace or smile.

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