Tuesday, July 17, 2012

8 Miles In The Mountains


Ever since the rattle snake incident, Buckley has been getting a bum deal when it comes to hikes. I love my little doodle so much and I don't want him to get bitten, so he has been a city dog lately. That is why we decided to use a rainy overcast day (in my mind, the snakes would be sleeping) to hike all the way up to dog lake.

Buckley was soooo excited to get out on the trail and be off leash. We were not the only ones with the idea to hike dog lake. The canyon was VERY crowded. We ended up having to park down the road about a mile from the trail head.

Once we reached the trail head, it was a three mile hike up the mountain to dog lake. The trail is really pretty and it had the perfect amount of hikers. It felt like we had the mountain to ourselves most of the time, but we passed enough people to feel safe - as in the snakes, lions, moose, and bears had looked for quieter pastures. This is in my uninformed opinion anyway.

Buckley was having a great time, but started to look a little tired 3 miles in.....luckily, unknown to him, the lake was right around the corner.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of uphill climbing, we reached the top. I had to explain to Buckley that we had not in fact reached the ocean- just a little mountain lake.

We tried to get him to swim, but the little doodle wouldn't have it. The best we could get was having him retrieve a stick.....unless we threw it too far, in which case we had to find a new stick!

Our brief rest at the lake must have revived us all because Buckley had more pep in his step and HM and I decided to run back down the trail. I was so tired at the end of the hike that I just wanted to sit down. Unfortunately, that was when I remembered we had a mile walk back to the car. Bummer. Adding it all up, we hiked uphill for 3 miles, ran down hill for 3 miles, and walked 2 miles to and from the car. Count it Sweets, that's 8 miles in the mountains. Not too shabby!


  1. You are lookin' great! 8 miles?? Nice work.


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