Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Day

Hello Sweets,

Let me fill you in on my day. I am going to start at the really exciting part. I found a new cereal that I really like. It is called Optimum and, like the Special K Red Berries cereal, it has dehydrated bananas. It is a little bit of a hippie choice, but I had to get the most granola looking cereal I could find to give HM a laugh. It actually turned out to be quite good!

After a good breakfast, I headed off to the office. I spent most of the day studying for a test I have to take in a couple of weeks. It is a project management certification. It is a great career move to get this certification, but it is dry dry dry.

When I got home from work, I was able to chat with HM for a bit before he was off to his meeting. He is on the board for the Sugar House Street Car. It is a three year project that will eventually result in a Trolley Car that will run through our neighborhood. Can you say 'increase in property value' with me Sweets? Here is an artist rendering of what is planned:

While HM was at his meeting lawyer-ing it up, I decided to stop by lululemon and try on some new stuff. I wore shorts to BifG today and it was glorious. At 5:30 in the morning, it was already 75 degrees. Seriously? I decided to check my local lulu store to see if there were any new speed shorts. Lately lululemon has not been exciting me and today was no exception. I tried on a new type of speed shorts called naked seam.

Part of the issue is that I am between two different sizes. In the store, they only had a size 6. They were no bueno. The "nakedseams" felt and looked more like "unfinished seams". Another miss by lululemon. I left not buying anything. This is becoming my longest no lululemon buying stretch in history.

By the time I returned home, HM was back from his meeting and we ended our evening at Sea Salt on the patio.

Well that is all from my day. It started with new cereal and ended with basil gelato. How was your day sweets?


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