Sunday, June 3, 2012

Feeling Old....


I spent the weekend feeling very old. Why you ask? Well, I guess you could say that I "threw my back out". Yep, like an old person. I have never experienced anything as defeating as back pain. It all started Friday morning at BifG. We did a routine where we did 21 dead lifts, 21 burpees. Repeat with 15 reps, then repeat with 9 reps. As my trainer explained the routine, I didn't see any reason for concern.

We loaded up the bar with our normal amount of weight. For me that was 100lbs. While some people struggle with deadlifts, I have never really found them that hard....well everything at BifG is hard, so relatively speaking not that hard. My trainer even calls deadlifts "my move". Friday was no exception. I knocked them out like I always do.

Me, knocking them out
After deadlifts, I still felt fine. Our next exercise was something that does not have a name and I am hard pressed to even describe it. We were told to do a handstand against a wall and then drop our legs back down to the ground and immediately pop them back up into a handstand. Our legs were bent the whole time. Try as I might, I could not get this move done correctly. So I am not going to blame deadlifts when the weird handstands could be the culprit, but my back felt pinched. As I left the gym, I knew things were "off". By lunch, I could hardly walk.

The BifG mascot Roxsy can hardly walk either, but that is due to excess fat and short legs.
The rest of Friday was rough. Saturday HM and I had a wedding to go. With the help of some muscle relaxers and a gin and tonic, I was able to strap on some heels and enjoy my night. No dancing. I had to sit down on the deck and chat the night away with some of HM's friends we have not seen in a while.

This view was very cathartic too
By Sunday, things felt a lot better.........and by better I mean normal stiffness. Muscle stiffness that normally comes after a hard workout.  Friday it was almost impossible to swing one foot in front of the other. Saturday...I can't remember (don't mix muscle relaxers and gin). Sunday, things are looking up. Monday? TBD.


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