Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Playing Lumberjack


Good morning everyone! I am happy to report that my workplace Activity Challenge is going well. There have been no official results sent out yet, but I have a good feeling that I am in the top running. In the last week, I have worked out for 465 minutes. Now my goal was 100 minutes for 6 days a week (600 minutes) so I did come in a little under. I still feel as though I am in the lead. I do wish this challenge was based on effort. I KNOW nobody in the challenge can work out as HARD as I can.

Unfortunately, that is the best photo I have of myself during the last BifG workout. On a side note, this is a recurring theme in my life. I take wonderful photos of others and when I ask them to return the favor, I get fuzzy, ackwardly cropped photos. Here is an amazing photo I took of my cohorts:

But lets get back to the point. The workout. Those seemingly innocent looking logs weighed 150 pounds each. We had to flip them all the way down the driveway, end over end. It was so hard. I was not at all preparred for it! I left with scrapes all the way up and down my arms and legs. Ouch. I did look pretty hardcore though. Thanks BifG!

I also happened to weigh in today. I don't mind sharing the details with you sweets. My current weight is 132 and my body fat percentage is 24%. I am happy with the weight loss.....and by happy I mean that my goal is under 130 and I am happy to be so close. What I am not happy about is my body fat percentage. It just won't move!!!! I don't feel skinny and I think what I mean by that is that I don't feel lean. It is going to come down to what I eat. If I am so close to my goal, I really need to just buckle down and tighten up my diet. I left BifG and went straight home and made myself a healthy meal.

I will let you know how it goes. I plan to weigh in again in two weeks. I hope to ekk out another two pounds and at least a half percentage point in body fat%. Wish me luck will you?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Can One Survive on an All Cereal Diet?


I have not checked in with you for a while, so let me catch you up on the last few days in my life. HM went out of town this weekend and so Thursday night we decided to do something fun together before he left town. We went to a fundraiser event for the Salt Lake Therapy Dogs. The dogs go to hospitals to visit the ill. It was a fun event and a good I always like any reason to dress up!

Unlike most fundraising events we have been to lately, this one actually had great food and drinks. Including some sushi.

There were some very well behaved dogs at the event too, including my new pal Elvis.

Look at those ears!!!!
While HM was out gallivanting through the corn fields of seriously.....

I stayed home and survived on seriously. Out of the 6 meals I had while he was gone, 5 of those meals were cereal. Good thing I have a happy marriage because my life as a bachelor looks very pathetic! Well, I did make a killer kale, apple, celery, and lemon juice.

Buckley, my awesome juice, and I even managed to leave the house once for a walk. Yes, I have a picture of our walk and yes, a neighbor mocked me.

Finally, HM returned early Sunday and saved me from my cereal hell. He even made me a delicious dinner on the grill.

Chicken and pepper skewers, asparagus, and grilled bread. It was awesome! Buckley and I were happy to have our caregiver/husband/dad back.....however, Buckley demands to be taken along next time HM heads to Iowa so that he can frolic in the cornfields with Dad.

Well, that is what I have been up to. What about you Sweets?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finding The Bright Side


As you may of gathered from yesterday's post, there are a lot of reasons to be sad right now. I am currently suffering from one of those mental whirlpools where thoughts swirl around and around in my head and I can't get a restful nights sleep.  I woke up this morning with one goal. FIND THE BRIGHT SIDE. To make it easier on myself, I chose my outfit for BIFG this morning carefully.

Bright enough for you Sweets?
I didn't even need to turn the light on for that photo. Please excuse my super messy closet. Today's workout was held at the gym owners house. She lives about a mile and a half from the gym. We had to run there (with the last .10 mile steep uphill). The workout once we arrived was even more brutal. With an Olympic bar, I had to do 10 squats and then lunge up the block with the weight (about 120 lunges). Once at the top, I had to do another 10 squats. After walking back down the hill, we had to turn around and sprint back up the hill (with no weights). All of this was done three times before running back to the gym. Cray Cray ya'll!

BIFG is obviously bright so it counts
Don't forget about my company's activity challenge! After work, I decided to sneak in some more activity so I took the doodle for a short run in the neighborhood. (He is currently banned from trails after Sunday's close call). At BIFG, I know exactly how far to run if I wanted 200meters, 400meters, 800meters and 1600meters. I thought it would be a good idea to map those same distances from my house. So Buckley and I set off to find those distances. We didn't map them all, but we did discover a few cool things in our own neighborhood:

A park? Free of rattlesnakes? Less than a mile from our front door? Buckley was beside himself! We also found a crossfit studio. BIFG is similar so I have no plans on switching, but it is nice to know there is a studio so close.

I know this sounds a bit cheesey....but since I am trying to find the bright was a nice surprise to find new things in my own neighborhood. I really like where I live and it felt very wholesome to find cool new things. That is finding the bright side sweets.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bad Luck Streak


This has proved to be a very emotional week. We have had a lot of bad news come our way lately. In addition to some very sad new about some people close to HM and I, we also received some sad dog related news. Starting with Miz Liz. Here sweet dog Coco died Monday.

Coco has had some health issues in the last year, but was not sick or on her death bed. She was a sweet little dingo and it makes me sad to think about. I had barely finished reading the text about Coco when another text came in. Another one of my friend's dog passed away. Oscar was only about 3 years old and not sick at all. He was on a hike and just stopped breathing. More sad news.

This sad dog news has made me stress even more about the close call Buckley and I had Sunday. We went for a hike this weekend. It was already getting hot out by 10am so instead of a hike in full sun, we (Me, Buckley, and HM) decided to leisurely walk up an access road which is partially shaded instead of a trail in full sun. Dogs are not supposed to be off leash in that area, but my doodle is so well behaved, I always let him off. We were cruising up the road and I heard a car coming so I leashed Buckley and moved to the right side of the road and let the truck pass. I walked a few more yards with Buckley on the leash and that is when I looked over and jumped a mile into the air.

Do you see it?
Here, let me help you out:

Yes, that would be a rattlesnake! Buckley has a habit of walking on the side of the road. If I had not leashed him at that moment, he likely would have stepped right on the snake. Rattlesnake bites are pretty much deadly to dogs. The close call and all the bad dog mojo has been giving me heart palpitations  all week. Coupled with other bad news of the week, I am trying to be thankful for all the good things in my life.

I am thankful for HM and for Buckley...among other things.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Channeling The Vacation Vibe


Happy Monday everyone. Let me fill you in on what I was up to this weekend. I like to think that my weekend officially started the moment I took the first bite of my lunch on Friday.

Chicago Dog with chips
This amazing hotdog came from a little place called JonnieBeefs. Brace yourself sweets, this meal was purchased from a gas station by my work. It is a separate counter deli, so it is marginally better than the rolling heat lamp hotdogs from other gas stations. It was served with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, a pickle, and atomic relish. This was foreshadowing to a great weekend!

Friday night, HM and I grabbed some pizza and then enjoyed a drink at the bar at which we first met. Awwwww. The place has expanded A LOT in the last three and a half years. We relaxed at the new outside bar and could almost summon the "we're on vacation" vibe.

Sadly, this was the best shot from the "look handsome" shoot
I was home and fast asleep by 10am. Man, I make an awesome date. Lucky HM. Saturday morning, we woke up at 9am (that is late for us) and headed out to brunch. Oh and yes, I did sleep for 11 hours (and would later take a nap). After brunch, we took the scraggly doodle on a walk.

After playing in the water and getting drenched, Buckley decided to horse play with!

A wet doodle and a wrestling match with a great dane equals a VERY muddy white poodle. He was so gross that we couldn't even bring him into the house and give him his normal shower. We had to do it hose style. Buckley is not a fan of the cold hose blast technique.

Boo. Sad face Buckley.
In the interest in full disclosure, Buckley also received a beard trim shortly after this photo. The ends were becoming permanently fused together....which was disgusting.

Later in the day, we headed up to Park City for our volunteer shift for the Ragnar (Wasatch Back) Relay. Miz Liz was on a team and though I don't have the courage to run it, I could fill a volunteer request she had. HM and I were stationed in a spectator parking lot. There were about 20 volunteers for one parking lot, plus the professional Amco parking staff. This meant we spent most of our time parked in our cool new Tommy Bahama chairs.

HM said I made the worst volunteer. Did I through rocks? Yes. Did I hide behind a large truck and fall asleep in the shade? You betcha. Did I read a couple of chapters of my book instead of direct foot traffic? Uh huh. HM on the other hand took his job a little TOO seriously. He was up answering questions, directing traffic, helping people back up their vans. Maybe it was his aviators and orange shoes/vest, but he looked the part.

Meet Officer HM
He even volunteered to be on trash can/dumpster duty. I don't know who he was trying to impress....

After our shift, we grabbed some food and headed home to take a nap. Later in the evening, we went to our friends house for a party and watched the sun set and city lights from a fabulous roof deck. I got to wear my cool new shirt:

The shirt was on clearance at Anthropologie and arrived in the mail Saturday. I wonder if the MIL would call that an old lady shirt? I paired it with white shorts and my awesome moccasins.

Can you say too cool for school? It felt like a fun vacation outfit. Channeling the vacation vibe has been the theme of my weekend. Okay, so that brings you all up to speed because Sunday I did nothing. Ate, worked out, relaxed, read a book. Nothing picture worthy. I hope you all had a great weekend too and I also hope everybody has a great work week. Try to find a way to feel that vacation vibe- be it hot dogs, outside bars, or dressy shorts!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Challenged To A Duel


Let me fill you in on a little workplace history. For the last four months, my office has had a Biggest Loser competition. I did not participate (because I didn't have enough weight to lose to be competitive). That challenge ended a couple of weeks ago and they just announced the next one. Activity Challenge!!!! Starting June 11th and ending August 27th, my office is having an Activity Challenge.
1st Place $200
2nd Place $100
3rd and 4th Place $50

We are required to track our workout hours through Lose It. Yesterday I had BifG (60 minutes). Now that I know about the challenge, I wanted to rack up some more minutes. I am still sore from the run on Saturday but I decided to go on a quick run in City Creek.

 I only did about 2 miles. This run goes down through a canyon and has a nice paved trail and ends in a park.

When I got to the bottom of the run, look who I found waiting for me....

We had to walk up a steep hill to get back to the car so I counted it as 25 minutes. HM wanted to go grab sushi so I had to oblige....even if I was not fit for any restaurant.

We decided to sit on the patio. To cut down on calories, we also opted to avoid any tempura rolls and try sashimi (no rice).

This challenge is on the honor system, so you never know what people will put down. If everyone is honest about it, I think I stand a good chance of taking one of the prizes. I didn't plan it correctly for today, but my plan is to do 100 minutes of cardio 6 days a week. That would equal 6600 minutes of cardio by the time the contest ends. What do you think sweets? Can I do it?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweet Sweet Chairs


I hope every one's week is off to a great start. Mine is going swell. HM and I went to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band concert Sunday night. Earlier in the day, I dragged HM to Costco so that I could buy this new blueberry goat cheese. Yeah, you heard me. I went all the way to Costco for some cheese. I am telling you Sweets, this cheese is so good that I had to buy more than one roll. Try 4. While we were there we found some sick new folding chairs. They were low profile (which we needed for the concert season) and could be carried on your back. Plus the were Tommy Bahama brand. What 60 year old could pass that up?

Me and Chair. Notice the insulated travel pouch
Me and Chair 2. Notice the cup holder and cell phone pocket.
HM and his chair. Good times.
Sitting in the chairs watching the sun go dawn and listening to jazz was the perfect way for our muscles to recover from our half marathon. I am feeling pretty good after the race. I worked out at BifG Monday morning and plan to run after work today. To help loosened up our muscles, we have been taking a lot of walks. On yesterday's walk, Buckley met his Mini Me.

In person they were almost identical!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Half Prepared, Fully Fun

Hello Sweets,

What a weekend! It started as soon as I got off of work Friday, HM, Miz Liz, and I headed down south to run the Utah Valley Half Marathon in Provo. We had to be on the bus by 4:30am Saturday morning so even though it was only an hour away from my comfy bed, we opted to stay the the night before the race in Provo (the town of BYU). Overall, it was a really great race with the exception of the overly crowded expo.
They needed a bigger location. It was packed tighter than a circus train car
 For our pre race meal, I found a spot through Yelp that had decent reviews. It was called Spark and was categorized as American (New) / Burgers. Sounds like a crowd pleaser!

It was decent. They did have an interesting lemonade- habenaro lime. It was yummy. If it was a Salt Lake restaurant I probably wouldn't have put it on my top list, but it hit the spot. We turned in early so that we would be well rested for our early start. Our alarm went off at 3:30 and we were in line for the bus by 4:00am.

It is always a little nerve wracking to drive a course before you have to run it. Dang, this canyon sure is a long drive! Once we got to the start line staging area, there were plenty of porta potties and bonfires to kill the time before the start.

 My goal for this half was to enjoy myself. Yep, that was the only goal. My training became non-existent after the Salt Lake Half in April. I knew I was not prepared for this race so I decided the best thing to do was to just have fun and enjoy the scenery. The race started right on time. The first 8 miles were gradual downhill through the canyon and then it was flat through the city all the way to the finish line.

Leaving the bonfire and working my way to the starting line
This was the most comfortable 13.1 miles I have ever run. I ran at a comfortable pace the whole way. I was lucky enough to run the first 10 miles with HM. His hip was really starting to hurt so he had to fall back a bit towards the end of the race. I don't know our official times yet, but I am around 2:17 and HM was around 2:20. Solid work for what I would call and easy run.

I may want to try this race again next year....only train for it! I am going to try a new method though. I want to raise my "comfortable pace". I didn't struggle during this race. At the finish line, I had more in me to give. I bet I could have tacked on another 5 miles. I have never said that before. If a 10 minute and 30 second minute mile now is comfortable....can I work up to 10? 9:30? I know many of you will disagree with me. I should be racing and "leaving it all out on the course" but this was so much more fun....and really...isn't that the point?

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