Monday, May 7, 2012

Food, Bridge, and Fast Miles


Did everyone have a great weekend? I did! I felt like I had a very enjoyable and productive few days. Let me start with the run I squeezed in somewhere during the weekend. I rocked it! HM and I headed over to Liberty park Saturday afternoon and set out to run 6 miles, which is about 4 laps around the park. We took the doodle with us on the first two laps. HM's heel started hurting (breaking in new shoes) so he decided to pick up the pace a finish his third lap and call it a day. I put in my iPod once we split up and really got into my jams. I have been training for so long without music that it proved to be a refreshing pick-me-up. I felt so good after 3 laps (4.5 miles) that I decided to finish out my planned run. Check out these splits!

No offense HM, but I think you were dragging me down during those first three miles! Just kidding. I really don't know how that happened. I had decided to run at a comfortable pace and just enjoy being outside. I would love to get to a point where a 9 minute mile felt comfortable.

The rest of the weekend involved food. Healthy food, and in proportion, but still seemed like a weekend of eating! After two disappointing experiences last week and two of our former favorite restaurants, HM and I decided to visit an olddie we had sort of had forgotten about. Vintos.

Drinking wine surrounded by fresh flowers? Yep!
HM in his new 5 Year Tee from lululemon
My pizza with arugula, potatoes and truffles
HM's pizza sausage and peppers and stuff
I ended the weekend with our weekly grocery trip and then relaxed with the latest copy of Bridge Bulletin magazine. What? You have never heard of Bridge? It is an AMAZING publication all about the game of Bridge.
 Yeah okay the truth: It was delivered to our house by mistake. I can't believe there is actually a magazine for this niche. We imagine that Gail is very upset that it has yet to arrive, so we will be taking it to her house.....after I finish reading it.

This is my intrigued face

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