Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 S N E 1?

Happy Wednesday Sweets,

I feel as though this week is crawling by. I don't know why, it is not as though I have exciting plans for the weekend. The gloom I have been feeling lately is without cause and has forced me to figure out potential causes and things I can do to change it. As HM so harshly put it, perhaps I should find a hobby that does not include him. Hmmmm, harsh but I see where you are going with this. Typing in "popular hobbies" in Google produced this interesting list. Of the 238 on the list, highlights include:

#1 Aircraft Spotting
#21 Bell Ringing
#77 Dumpster Diving
#111 Hula Hooping
#133 Legos
#165 Pyrotechnics
#197 Soap Making

So far not helpful......but #208 sounded promising: Tennis. I played tennis in high school and I rather liked it. It might just be the hobby I (apparently) need. Here is a picture of a picture of my high school tennis self. Enjoy!

This was before digital cameras, can you imagine?
I decided to head out for a run in Liberty Park and stop by the tennis courts to check out their schedules for classes and leagues. Apparently I am 3 weeks too late to join the summer league. I am on stand by, but I plan to play in one-off matches on Mondays or Wednesdays.

After stopping by the courts, I started my run. I had planned to run two laps around the park and then go home, but after two laps, this is what I saw on my GPS:

That was just not going to cut it! So another minute and a half got me here:

It felt great to bang out a quick run in the park in the crisp spring evening air. I also felt pretty jazzed about my budding tennis career! I left the park on a high, gloom vanished, and returned home to make a giant taco salad and cold beer.

Sweets, I am curious, what would be on your hobby list?


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