Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Off Topic


It is amazing what you can get done when you are not at the gym everyday! It feels a little weird to know that I will not be at BifG for the rest of the week. I also don't plan any long cardio workouts before Saturday's race. If you don't mind, I thought I would share a non-workout related post with you. Yesterday, I discovered the coolest financial site. It is called

It is a free site and it has very legit security (look it up) and I would highly recommend that each of you Sweets set it up. In a nut shell, you can pull in all your bank accounts, student loans, car loans, investment accounts, employer 401K, and other properties and assets into one interface. is a view only site and you can't make transactions within the application. The value is seeing all your financial information in one spot. Everyone (or couple) should know their net worth. This site makes it easy. I know I sound like a paid advertiser, but I geeked out over this all day yesterday!!

Okay, I won't keep going about this tool (but seriously, try it!). I have accomplished many other things in my free time, including working on my race day playlist. What do you think so far?

What else have I been doing instead of lifting weights? Why torturing my poodle by playing dress up, thanks for asking!!!

So that is all my completely off topic updates for you today. Enjoy.


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