Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Now That's Committment


Can I please brag for one moment? I was so committed to going to the gym at lunch yesterday that I didn't let anything stop me. I didn't even let the fact that I only packed one sock in my bag stop me from getting my stair climber on.

Although it was not the worst thing in the world, I would not recommend it. After 45 minutes on the stair climber things were getting a little....um slippery. It was not just my commitment to my health that made me persevere with my workout. It was also my commitment to a man named Jack Bauer.

I have been catching up on all the television I have missed out on over the last decade. This includes shows like 24. I am so hooked on this show it is ridiculous. It is unfair to HM that I would rather watch the show than hang out with him? Not entirely true....but a little. Don't worry HM, we can hang out in 7 more seasons!

After the gym, I got to enjoy some creamy chicken alfredo:

Another Successful Recipe From IowaGirlEats
After work, I had a Jr. league meeting. I had to make an announcement about getting volunteer sign-ups for our next Kids In The Kitchen session. I needed to stop at the store to get a balloon to tie on the clipboard (as in typical). There is a big party store by my office and I stopped in there to get the balloon, but instead of a typical balloon, I found this little guy:

Nice choice Mr. Monkey. A banana is a very healthy snack and rich in potassium.Well done Sir!


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