Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Good Day On The Way


Do you ever have those days when you wake up and within moments you know exactly what type of day you are going to have? Yeah well me too. Yesterday morning, I woke up at 6:30 to go for a brief run before work. I try to slip out of bed quickly and quietly so as to not wake HM. I usually slip into my closet (room) to get dressed and put on my shoes. Then I go back into the master bathroom to brush my teeth. Stick with me sweets...this blog gets more exciting. When I returned from lacing up my sneakers, HM was awake......and getting dressed in running clothes. Whhaaaaa?

Sleepy, but an awesome sport!!!
HM decided to join me on my run! How exciting, right? I thought it was going to be me and my overly scraggley poodle. I was VERY have a running partner and a blog photographer!

How cute is my beady eyed prince?
It becomes increasingly harder for me to run for fun. I promised myself that if I got out of bed and went for a run, I was allowed to go for as long (or short) as I wanted and at whatever pace felt good. No guilt. The run ended up only being 2.5 miles. On this route, there is about a half mile trail section. Due to the rocky terrain, this is the walking/off the leash part. I stop my watch so the 2.5 miles is the actual running distance. The pace was actually okay, 10 minute miles.

Even though I felt tight on the run, it was great to have company. I am not sure what HM has done wrong, but he continued the sweetness at lunch when he met me at the sushi restaurant by my office.

Thank goodness that I worked out this morning, because after work it was non-stop. I stopped at the house to change real quick and then headed to a Jr. League meeting. After that, it was straight to birthday dinner for my friend Emily.

Please forgive the quality of the photos. As you can tell by the numerous wine bottles in the frame and the fact that this was taking with an iPhone, it will not be the best shots of my beautiful friends. We had her dinner at a beautiful new place in SLC called Pallet. It is an old loading dock in an industrial part of downtown. The food was amazing and the atmosphere trendy. Loved it.

This is the ceiling
Cool urban lights
I knew within moments of waking up that it was going to be a good day. I was right!


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