Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Food Woes


The owner of BifG has challenged me (and my trainer's clients) to a little competition. The competition is to see which client group (owner's vs. my trainer's) loses more body fat between now (4/2) and June 2nd. We all weighed in yesterday. I don't mind sharing my results with you sweets.

Starting weight: 134 lbs
Starting body fat: 24.1%

Before I go any further, it is important for me to mention that the block diet was NO BUENO! I knew it would not meet my life style, but I felt that it was important to give it a try before ruling it out. Counting calories in Lose IT is going to have to be my thing because I don't feel like joining Weight Watchers again.

So you would think that I would start the competition off right.......WRONG.

Suddenly the craving for a Cafe Rio pork salad became overwhelming. This is hilarious considering the fact that I have never been to Cafe Rio before. For you non-Utahans, think Chipolte or Costa Vida. I didn't eat the beans or rice and used very limited dressing.....but the tortilla. OH the nice lard ridden tortilla. Competition FAIL.

On the up side, my nails look nice.
Essie brand is awesome and available at the drugstore
To make up for the terrible lunch, I took the Poodle on a hike before I could even deal with dinner planning.

For dinner, I decided to treat HM a yummy meal idea I found on the blog Iowa Girl Eats.

Roasted chicken with peaches, onions, ginger and yum
I took the blog name as a good omen. One of my favorite hobbies, besides kicking it with the doodle, is teasing HM about being from Ohio. He then gets all twitchy and flustered correcting me that he is not from Ohio, but Iowa. At which point I say, is that different? Oh how frustrated he gets! Works every time. The day he stops reacting is the day I let go of that little entertainment trick.

Check out her blog for directions and more appetizing pictures
I would highly recommend checking out this blog. I have only been a fan for 24 hours and I have already made one of her recipes! It was delicious and Mr. Ohio was a huge fan. Ha! Never gets old!!


  1. That chicken looks great- I might have to give that recipe a try!
    Every time I see pics of your beautiful dog I smile. looks like he (he?) enjoyed the walk!


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