Monday, April 2, 2012

Climbing Higher and Higher


This weekend's long run was a little......trying. I have read enough Runner's World articles, blog posts, and training books, plus the recommendations of my trainer, to know that the way to get faster is to run hills. Because I am so committed to my goal this year, I have been taking that advice to heart. All of my long runs have included hills. Sometimes I take this advice to an this last weekend. The hills on our 8 mile route were nuts. Miz Liz and I started at the Utah Capitol building and started running up.
2 miles into the run
I had prepped Liz by telling her there were three hills. I was so focused on the major hills that I sort of overlooked the "minor ones".

Exhibit A: Minor Hill
Once Liz found out about my little route, she followed the normal stages of grief - Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and finally Acceptance. Here is a picture of Liz during the Denial phase:
"Surely you don't mean up there?"
By the turn around point, we took a break and we realized how high we had climbed. Check it out! No wonder my buns are sore!!!!

That is where we started. Look how far we had run!
The weather was amazing and it was just warm enough to not be cold while running. By the time we were done climbing and at our turn around point, we had finished five miles. The sun was high enough to make the run feel long. The last three miles were a long straight shot back down hill.....and it was glorious.

See how red my face is after the worst of the three hills? My face is a friggen tomato! The road is flat behind me but quickly turned into a downgrade. It was much appreciated. The last mile of the run was along a creek. I called HM (yes, while I was running) and asked him and Buckley to meet me in the park where I was ending my run. We met for brunch at a nearby restaurant while I refueled and then headed back to the creek for some family time.

It was great to take such a nice leisurely walk after my long run. HM and I walked nice and slow while the dog ran around off leash (one side of the creek is the paved road Miz Liz and I ran on and the other side of the creek is an off leash trail). We even had a romantic moment on a creek side bench until a certain poodle interfered:
Eat your hearts out ladies!
Even though my run was a beast, I had a great weekend. I won't bore you with all the details, but HM and I had a great weekend. Only two more long runs left before my race. We have a 12 mile run and a 6 mile run before the big day. This training season has gone by really fast!

What did you all do this weekend? Training for anything?

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