Monday, April 30, 2012

My New Boyfriend, Big Carl II

Happy Monday Sweets,

Let me fill you in on what I have been up to this weekend. On Saturday, HM and I kicked off our 6 week training plan by knocking out a 5 mile run. Despite being incredibly sore from Friday's BifG workout, it was one of the better runs I have had. I finally understood what all you other crazy fitness bloggers mean by a "shake it out" run. My muscles felt better afterwards than they did before the run. HM didn't complain, so I can only assume he felt good too!

You wish HM. More like mile 1.9!
After the run was over, we got cleaned up and spent a little time enjoying our newly spruced up front porch. We added a couple of planter boxes to the front railing and I think they look GREAT! I also stopped by World Market on my way home from the office Friday and grabbed a new bench cushion and throw pillow. I have to say, things look pretty good no matter which side of the fence railing you are on!

I love the faux Chang Mai pattern!
While Michael relaxed on the bench, I was hard at work maintaining my new flowers. Which meant giving them some water and watering the doodle.

Crazy little bugger loves water.
Don't worry sweets, it was not all hard work. I was also able to accomplish a long time goal of mine: To find a wine glass like "Big Carl" as used by Courtney Cox's character on Cougar Town.

Meet Big Carl
 And I finally found one!

Meet Big Carl II
I think I need some Botox in my forehead. Notice how much more my brow furrows than 45 year old Courtney Cox? Reality Bites! My new boyfriend Big Carl tells me I am beautiful though. Love that guy.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Flashback Friday - NWM

It is Friday Sweets!

How excited am I to say that?!?! Pretty excited. I plan to spend all weekend running, gardening, and playing tennis. Speaking of running, I received an email yesterday informing me that I did not win the lottery. Yep, you heard me. I did not win the lottery.....the race lottery for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco.

Have you heard of this race? It is run through the nicest neighborhoods of San Francisco. Finishers cross the finish line on a red carpet, greeted by firemen wearing tuxedos holding silver platters. On the silver platters are little blue boxes from Tiffany's with the finishers necklace. I did this race in 2010 and it was awesome.

I was lucky enough to enter as a group with my friends Lindsay and Tessa, with a group ID, and our team was pulled in the lottery. Talk about beginners luck! I have never run such a big race before. I think it was like 10,000 plus.

My friend Lindsay found a great house to rent. geographically, the house was not far from the start line, but it was not close either. It was amazing that we found a taxi driver to pick us up and get us to the starting line on time race morning.

Awesome deck at the rental house. It was fun watching the fog roll in.
Starting line mayhem!
The race was very scenic and hilly. It was not a place for me to PR....especially considering I stopped to take a million photos. I ran by myself because I hang out with such speedy ladies.

It was overcast the whole time and as I approached the finish it started drizzling in only the way the bay area can. It was not really raining, but the combo of the mist in the air and coming off the bay, I was soaked! Not to mention my snail pace did nothing to help me keep warm! Eventually I approached the finish line and collected my Tiffany's necklace.

He is laughing because I told him to make it sexy!
My parents drove into the city to meet us at the finish line. They also gave us a lift back to our house and enjoyed some post race pizza. The walk back to their car was the longest coldest walk of my life!

It was a really great experience and I hope to do the race again sometime. Part of me is happy to not get picked this time because the race will be 2 weeks after I get back from Oktoberfest in Germany. Unless drinking Bavarian brews constitutes as carbo loading, I would not have been ready for a half marathon! Thanks for walking down memory lane with me sweets! Happy (flashback) Friday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Early To Party

Hey Sweets,

My apologies for not posting yesterday Sweets. HM and I went to a Jazz game and stayed out too late for me to post. It was a very exciting game and the Jazz are now in the play-offs! I am not a huge fan, but it was still exciting. Our seats were in the 3rd row behind the basket by the home team bench.

For some reason, HM was under the impression that the game started at 7pm. We arrived at 6:30 to be there in time to grab a drinks. The only problem was that the game actually started at 8:30pm. That gave us plenty of time to grab a few drinks. Plenty of time.

Clearly it was a late night. This morning I got ready as fast as I could and put together one of my stand-by outfits.  Here is an OTD for you:

Shirt: Brooks Brothers (non-iron and the are AWESOME)
Skirt: The Limited

At lunch went I over to the gym to burn off some of those beers from the game. I ended up running 2.5 miles. I wanted 3 miles but I was on a time crunch. I ran intervals. Half mile on, .10 mile off. The on miles were fast. Like 7.6 miles and hour fast. I was pretty proud of myself.

After work, HM and the doodle and I went for a hike.

It was a really good day. How did your day go sweets?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Full Post In 5 Points

Happy Tuesday Sweets!

I am a little distracted tonight and I don't think I can manage a full fledged post. How about just a few random musings I feel like share? Good, glad that is okay with you. Let's get started.

1. HM and I are going to a Jazz game tonight and I am super excited! We have awesome seats in the third row behind the basket. It is awesome to be that close because you can hear the players talk, yell and curse. You can also see the cellulite on the jazz dancers............KIDDING!

2. During our pre-race photo shoot, Buckley insisted on being a part of the fun. He was such a little gentleman though, I let it slide.

3. I love Costco runs. Not the actual shopping, because that store is hell on earth. I like coming home and unpacking all those goodies. The next few days feels like a kid in a candy store. Last night we had an apple smoked turkey loin. The night before that we had scallops. We grilled them with bell peppers and a maple syrup and mustard marinade.

4. HM loves salt. He salts everything.EVERYTHING. So far, there is no medical/health reason for him to force himself to cut back. After my race Saturday, I thought HM would find it fascinating how much salt was on my face. After 2+ hours of running in the sun, I had sweat out a lot. For some reason the sight of it on my fingers "turned [his] stomach". He actually compared it to being like looking at Buckley's food after it has "been processed through". RUDE.

For the record, HM eventually tasted it to "prove" he loved me
5. I finally started tracking my food again. I hope late April is not too late to start a New Year's resolution! My boss invited me to join his network on My Fitness Pal. Not one to say no to the bossman, I signed up. It is like Facebook meets weight watchers. Since he can see whether I track my food or not and whether I work out, I have been really diligent.
Want to be friends? Email me!
Okay sweets. Five random things for your reading enjoyment!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Race Recap

Happy Monday Sweets,

Guess what? I survived my race! I shaved 4 minutes off my PR and came in at 2:13. If you are a good little sweet and have read past posts, you know that my goal was 2:10. So I missed that. In hind sight, I am really mad at myself. I didn't push as hard as I could have (throughout the whole race). I ran the first three miles in 25 minutes. 25 MINUTES! That is crazy fast for me! The course was a little different from past years and that through me for a loop. By the time I passed my house, where HM was cheering me on (lucky me it goes past my street) I was at almost 7 miles (not 5.5). I was getting tired and made up my mind to "take a break" after I passed him. When I passed my cheering squad, I read this sign:

I finally found a use for those ugly race shirts I am always receiving

Here is a close up, because, you know, it's funny:

HM calls me Bugzie, but I won't tell you why
 After I got out of sight of HM, I started walking. Yep, I did. Why? That is a great question. I had no knee pain, no stomach issues, and no [insert real reason here]. I was just tired. Who isn't tired half way through the race? I walked for about 30 seconds and passed the clock at mile 7. Based on the time shown on the clock, I was doing BETTER THAN the 9:55 pace I needed to get 2:10! I also thought about HM's sign. A free scuba hoodie from lululemon? If that is not a reason to pick it up, I am not sure what is!! Since I already told you I beat my PR let's skip ahead a bit:

HM let me cash in the Scuba coupon for this Define jacket. SCORE!
Miz Liz had run ahead at this point (she ended up scoring a 2:06!) and so I was having to dig deep to stay motivated. I started running again at the 7 mile marker. I figure if I couldn't come up with a reason why I was stopping, I should at least keep running until I could come up with a reason. At mile 8, I was feeling even more beat so I walked for a moment again while I got out my iPod. The jams got me energized again. I ran through mile 10 still UNDER the pace I needed. I was sooo tired at this I walked again. Then I passed the lululemon cheering squad and their signs were so funny I picked it up again.

"Why Do All The Cute Ones Run Away?"
"I like Your Stamina, Call Me [SLC lulu's #]"

"Tight Butts Drive Me Nuts"

When I passed the 11 mile mark, I was 20 minutes from a 2:10 and 2.1 miles out. I knew I could still do it. It just came down to not pushing hard enough and for that I am angry with myself. I didn't push as hard as I could. Taking out 3 of my walk breaks would have secured a 2:10. I wanted to walk so bad going up state street so I made a deal with myself. I made a guess at how many dashes were painted in the street until I got to the top.

I guessed a little over 100. So I decided that I would run through 50 dashes and then I could walk 5 dashes. In case you are wondering sweets, there are 128 dashes painted in the road from 900th South to South Temple. Feel free to double check my math the next time you are in Salt Lake City. So when all was said and done, I missed my 1st goal by a little over 3 minutes. I did meet my 2nd goal which was to PR (previous PR 2:17). Even though I decided on miles 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, and 13 that I would never run again. EVER! But just like a hungover collage promise, I will run again. I have to! Now my PR just got a little bit lower and I have that for motivation.

In fact, HM and I are signing up for another race. The Utah Valley Half (6.9.12). Training starts next Saturday, who's in?

You would think this picture was taken in 1978....but I think I see a Garmin
The plan this time around is to be more conscious of my pace during training runs. Now that I know I am capable of running 3 miles in 25 minutes, why can't I build up my miles on that pace....or something close to it? So that is the plan, unfortunately I am going to have to shell out for a new Garmin. BOOOOOO!

Thanks for reading sweets. I will post race photos once they are available.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

RACE DAY!!!!!!

Wooooo Hoooooooo Sweets!

Well today is race day. As many of you read this, I am somewhere out on the course (or at brunch or sleeping). At the time of writing this post, I still had not decided what I was going to wear during the race. I am definitely wearing my hot pants, pictured below:

I have narrowed down my choice of shirt to three options. Option 1 is a royal blue and ikat tank, option 2 is a print power y, option 3 is a black tank with camo print.

Don't mind She-Puff in the background
I have also decided to power through with my new shoes (pictured above). HM will be at mile 6 cheering me on and he will also have my back up shoes. If my feet are hurting, I will switch them out if I have to. Before watching a few Biggest Loser episodes, I lined up the rest of my race day stuff. Buckley helped. Sort of.

Okay Sweets, that is all for now. I will check back in with you all later this weekend. Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pre-Race Jitters? Nah.

Hello Sweets!

At this time tomorrow I will be running the Salt Lake City Half!!! I am very excited. I am ready to see if all our hard training will pay off.

Last year it was paying off until I fell in a pot hole
 I am soooooo ready to bank a 2 hour and 10 minute race! I stopped by the expo yesterday to pick up my bib and shirt. In years past, the expo was held at the convention center, but this year it was held at the finish line. I got goose bumps ya'll!!!

I feel like something is missing.............................

a finish line!
There we go! That was a lot of photo editing for a lack luster finish line. I am not worried. Saturday's finish line will be much more intense!!! I have been digging deep for some tricks and things that will get me through the race. Let's face it, 13.1 miles is not a distance where my body will break down (usually) so it really comes down to the mental aspect of things, right?

Things that make me push harder when I am working out:

Biggest Loser. I started watching the show from season one on Netflix. I have only been watching the show for a couple of years and it is crazy to watch episodes from way back in the beginning (2004). I love watching people push themselves so hard. I hope you don't think I am weird for saying this, but when I see an athlete (or me for that matter) dripping with sweat after a workout, I get excited. No joke.
Or maybe it is just Dolvet sweaty that gets me excited!
In a related motivator, I love watching marathons. Live. On TV. Does not matter.

Biggest Loser Marathon
Other motivators for race day include:
  • Music. I was thinking of saving my ipod for mile 10 to the finish. It will be a reward/pick me up when things get rough.
  • HM. I am excited to see the sign he is making for me (mile 6) and I am also motivated to run fast because I want him to be proud of my finish time.
  • Pictures. Looking athletic in pictures is a HUGE motivator. I know what is important, huh?
  • Oprah. Yeah her. She ran a 4 hour 29 minute marathon, which comes out to a 10:16 pace. I need at least a 9:55 pace to reach my goal. 10:16 would still give me a PR, but who wants to tie with Oprah. Not me.
  • Brunch. Afterwards, I plan to enjoy the most epic of meals!
  • Sweets. That's right sweets. You motivate me and I have already posted my goal all over the internet so I better pick it up!
Today I will be drinking a ton of water. I also plan to be in bed by 9pm reading....hopefully asleep shortly thereafter. Not to worry though, I will post one last time and let you know what I plan on wearing race day and my specific game plan.
SLC Half 2011
I am getting pumped!!!!!!

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