Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Unicorn and Poodles


Guess how many times I worked out yesterday? Two times! I started the day at BifG with a weight lifting routine and then, in my attempt to positively influence others, joined a coworker at the gym. She wants to get back into shape and I offered to help. So that means my lunch break was spent at the gym lifting weights.....again. It went well and now I am soooooo fatigued.

After work, I went on a nice long walk with dog and HM. We decided on our walk that we would grab dinner at Citrus Grill. I had a burger on the brain and, after two workouts, I deserved one!

After dinner, HM and I hit up Baskin Robins. One scoop of Gold Medal Ribbon in a sugar cone please. If I was a better blogger, I would have taken a picture before I ate all the ice cream. Oh well. Here is a picture of my ice cream cone and my poodle to make up for it.

Oh man, that is a photo that should be on a Trapper Keeper!!!!

In other updates from Fantasy Land, it seems that as though Ben from the Bachelor is going to pick Courtney. How in the world did that get leaked? I read it at the checkout line (granted, it was US Weekly). I don't get it. This never happens with the Biggest Loser!!! Okay, that is all.

Today, I want to get a nice easy paced run on the treadmill or outside (with previously mentioned coworker). 

What about you sweets? What workout do you have on the calendar today?


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