Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scary Times


I am not trying to be pessimistic or anything, but sometimes I feel like we are living in scary times. Last Sunday, there was a homicide at the Jordon River Parkway. This is scary no matter what, but it is even scarier when I think that Liz I ran our eight miler there two weeks ago!

Liz and I at the Parkway- two weeks ago
Sunday morning, a concerned citizen called the police regarding a bloody shoe on a foot bridge along the path. Later searching by authorities found a body of a local teen in the water. You can read more about it here. Authorities say it was an "isolated" incident and not a jogger.  I am not sure what the difference is, but I am not sure how safe I feel.....unless Liz starts packing heat.

I have been thinking a lot about safety and here are some tips I have come up with:

1) Always Run With A Buddy

I am good at this one because I don't really like to run alone. I do my long runs with Liz and sucker HM into doing my shorter weekly runs with me during the week. As a last resort, there is always my wimpy poodle.

2) Run Without Headphones

This is a hard one for me. I know it inhibits you from hearing traffic or creepy creepsters....but I want my phat beats!!!! I usually wear only one ear bud. That is my compromise.

3) Trust Your Instincts

If you turn down a path or street and get a bad feeling, turn around. Animals trust their instincts and so should you! I used to be so embarrassed as a kid because my mother would hit the lock buttons on the car if there was someone crossing the street by our car. This was back in the early days of automatic locks and the sound of all four doors locking was loud enough to cause an avalanche.  But you know what? So what! If there is a creepo on one side of the street, cross to the other side. Just don't look at them....just like mom.

4) Hit The Gym

I know, I know. Many of you hate the treadmill. I get it, but it is better to be safe than sorry (also borrowed from my mother). A treadmill workout makes tempo runs and sprints a lot easier. That's a plus.

You Can tell how easy the sprints were here by my face

5) Know Your Route

Map your route before you head out. Knowing where you are going will help you avoid getting lost. You can also let someone else know where you are going. I get great satisfaction from waking HM up at 7am on Saturdays to explain in great detail where I will be running. Lucky guy. Mapping your route ahead of time also helps you out when your Garmin goes on my last long run.

Do you have any other tips you would like to share Sweets?


  1. I consider myself pretty lucky to run in an area where getting hit by a car is more of a concern than being attacked. Of course I do still take some precautions. I always let my fiancee know how long I'm planning to run and I've shown him where roughly the area where I'm running. I also always have my phone on me when I run. If it came down to it I could bring my pepper spray along, it expired 4 years ago, but I bet it still packs a punch.


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