Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Semester


One would expect to feel more rested and relaxed on a day where the working day ends at 2pm. Unfortunately, that was not the case for me yesterday. Wednesday was the first day of a new semester of Kids in The Kitchen. I left work at 2:00 on the dot and stopped by Target to grab some snacks for the kiddos.

I had to buy enough Cuties for 90 kids.....NINETY. That is a volume of kids that can cause damage if they turn on you! I bought three boxes and the guy and the counter made some comment about "really being a fan, huh". Uh huh, just hurry dude I have places to be. I rushed over to the school and met up with the rest of the ladies on my committee. It was our first session at a new school so things always seem a little more chaotic, but we eventually figured it out.

After KIK, I rushed home to change out of my Jr. League polo and into my workout clothes. What is it about polo shirts that make me fee so ugly. The Jr. League polo is probably one of the nicest fit of any I have ever been forced to wear, but man, those things belong on old men who golf. To go completely off point, I saw a nice polo at Anthropologie that I thought might look nice and I want to try it on this weekend.
Source: Anthropologie
 So where was I? Oh right, I changed into my workout clothes and then headed to BifG. I would normally share my workout with you sweets, but I plan to put HM through the same workout on Sunday. It requires an element of surprise so you will have to wait until the weekend to find out more. He claims to read this blog, so I don't want to give it away.

When I got home, HM had dinner waiting for me. Kale salad and spaghetti? Yes please.

Living the good life! I felt like I was rushing around all day, but coming home to my husband, poodle and dinner made it all worth it. I retired early and got the sleep I so desperately needed.

Hang in there Sweets, the weekend is almost here!


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