Friday, March 2, 2012

Multiple Mes


I can't even tell you how stressed out work is making me lately. After yesterday, I definitely needed a way to unwind. I rolled home about 7 or 8  and yelled to the cabbie, Yo Homes Smell Ya Later.....oh, that was Will Smith not me. I rolled home about 6pm and HM and I immediately headed out to Sea Salt and enjoyed a bottle of out favorite wine.

Who says that wine can't cure life's problems?!?! Psssstttt.When I got home I scoured Netflix to find something to dive into and forget whatever worries the wine didn't take care of. I found the United States of Tara. I don't think it is still on the air, but it is a dramady about a mom who has multiple personalities. When something stressful happens she just switches to another "person". Aside from the fact that it is a mental illness, how awesome would that be?!?!?!

When something at work stresses me out, I could let "someone else" handle it. I do have my own set of personalities. There is Corporate Emily, Wife Emily, Exercise Emily, Social Ambassador Emily, and Family Emily. We all play different roles in our life, but I sure wish that the Normal Emily didn't have to remember all the stressful bits.

Oh did I mention, before I hunkered down to watch TV, Poodle Mommy Emily surfaced? The little man was stinky after a day at doggy day care and so HM gave him a bath. He is the cutest when he is soaking wet.....and so is Buckley. See what I did there?

Today is Friday!!! Bad @$$ Emily will be heading to BifG. Then Good Wife Emily will be meeting HM at Finns for our Friday breakfast date. After Corporate Emily takes the reins for the day, Fun Care Free Weekend Emily gets to come out and play! Unst Unst Unst! I hope Warrior Runner Emily is ready for the 10 miles on this weekends long run schedule!

Happy Friday Sweets! Oh, who wants to make a recommendation for TV shows I should check out?

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