Monday, March 5, 2012

Make It A Merry Monday

Hey Sweets,

Okay everybody, calm down. I know it is Monday, but that does not mean we can't find some things to focus on to make it a Merry Monday. Right? Well that's my plan so let's get to it shall we?

 Reason # 1 - New Gear

Lately it seems that everything I order from lululemon has not worked out. My last two online orders has had to be returned at the new SLC store, but this is Merry Monday and I am happy to report that my last order has been a huge WIN.

I have been waiting for these Wee Are From Space Multi crops to show up online. I grabbed them up as soon as I saw them released. I am very happy I did! They have every color in them and I feel like I can match them with anything! Score. I wore them this weekend....well.....all weekend. They are already washed and ready to go for this weeks workouts.

 Reason # 2 - Buckley's Birthday

My little doodle turned two years old yesterday. He has been acting soooo mature. It seemed like only Saturday that he was acting like a young reckless puppy and running with sticks in his mouth. I love this little guy. He also set his personal distance record on Sunday (6 miles).

 Reason # 3 - Juice

I have discovered a new all time favorite juice combo. Carrots and Tangelos. Here is how good it is, even HM liked it. Remember that guy? The one who claims to not like juice?
He only liked it enough to have the little one....not the big one.
I am not sure what a Tangelo is, but it is delicious! To my dearest Ash who asked me what juicer brand I keep forgetting to check. It is like Belken or something.

 Reason # 4 - Coffee

Coffee is an amazing way to start my day. I love it. Not in a Rachael Zoe, I don't eat anything but liquid caffeine, kind of way.  I only have one cup in the morning (usually). The worst part of traveling is that I don't get my coffee the way I like it. In a Dog Lover cup.

And yes, this picture was taken over the weekend...while enjoying coffee in bed. Ahhh weekends.

 Reason # 5 - Fresh Start

Mondays may be Mondays, but at least it is a fresh start to the week. It allows me to meal plan and schedule out my workouts. I love the planning stage before all the things that pop-up during the week can derail even the best made plans. My workout plans are as follows:

Monday - BifG(am) and Cardio(pm)
Tuesday - 3 mile run(pm)
Wednesday - BifG(pm)
Thursday - Rest Day
Friday - BifG(am) and Cardio(pm)
Saturday - 10 mile run
Sunday - Gym workout with HM

Let's see if I can manage tracking my food for once. Geeez, I have been bad about that! Have a great Monday Sweets!


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