Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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This just in:
Source: The Onion
Sike! When HM showed me this article today it gave a giggle. Last summer, HM took me on a "cheesy date" night. We went to a terrible movie (Sucker Punch) and then to the grossest date night restaurant we could think of - Red Lobster. Cheesy biscuits aside, it was the grossest  dinning experience I have had in years. Ordering the shrimp skewer platter gave me a heap of fish and butter that could have fed a village. Sick. I am sure there are people out there who think it is one serving.

Which gets me thinking about this other article I came across:

Source: The Atlantic
You can check out the entire article if your would like, but allow me to summarize. It basically says that fat people already know why they are fat and that no amount of government programs on obesity will help. Is it just me, or is that sort of a defeatist attitude?

"Fat people know they're fat. They know why they're fat. And they know that being fat kinda sucks."

 Maybe it is because I don't want to believe this to be true, but I don't believe this to be true! That means everything that we do in Kids in The Kitchen is all in vain. The most frustrating thing about the article is that it does not pontificate as to what DOES help obese people change their lifestyle. Something must. There are people who turn their life least 12 people every season on the Biggest Loser! All my volunteering is built on the notion that education CAN help.

Me Teaching Kids About Healthy Eating
I am not the only one who harbors hope that education can assist if fighting the obesity epidemic. My friend Nichole, a doctor, teaches classes about fighting obesity and healthy eating habits. If she believes there is hope, than I will too! I think fighting obesity is about motivation, not just education. I hope that I can make a difference through education AND motivation.

Nichole and I (why are my eyes so aggressive?
What do you think kids? Can we make a difference in the fight against obesity?

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  1. I agree with part of the statement. I think people know what is making them fat - food and lack of exercise - but the details are murky. I had an epiphany when I read Michael Pollan. "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Thats a simple statement, but our definition of food is super screwed up. Much of my family believes that the more doctored a food is and the more science has gone into it that the healthier it will be (because science always knows what it is doing!).

    It bothers me when I see the kids in my family eat only processed crap. No, that is not the only things your kid will eat. That is the only thing they've been given to eat and now thats all they want.

    If people have access to whole foods (food, not the store) then it can make a difference. But, as long as the stupid "can I just have a pill?" attitude exists then we won't get anywhere.


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