Friday, March 16, 2012

Flash Back Friday


Welcome to the 2nd Flash Back Friday. Although I grew up Sacramento, California, I lived in NYC before moving to Utah. I know, what a change right? Living in Manhattan for 2 years was a wonderful experience.  I was so proud of my little studio apartment smack dab in the middle of the upper East side.
My Manhattan Apartment
Fat me in my apartment
Taken the day I moved in. This is what $1600 a month gets you!
I worked out of my company's Jersey City office and the office on Wall Street. I always thought it was cool to grab a gyro and soda for $4 from a street vendor on Wall Street during my lunch hour. I used to think of it as my Broker Power Lunch.

Judging by the outfit it must have been a day off
Part of me adjusted my life to fit within the city. I found my favorite places to eat and play. One of my favorite things was a coffee shop called UTDT two blocks from my apartment. I would go there a few night a week, grab a glass of wine and read my book. I didn't know a lot of people when I first moved to the city and the DTUT coffee shop allowed me to "get out" and grab a drink, but feel comfortable being there by myself. It was a coffee shop with plenty of other single people there reading or studying. So while one side of me became a local, there was still a part of me that enjoyed the tourist attractions.

Famous Magnolia Bakery cupcakes
Carrie's Apartment in Sex and The City!!
Playing tourist for the day at the United Nations!
I eventually made friends and picked a team.
Go Yankees! This is Abbey. She has since moved to Utah too!!!
I even stalked my neighbor and eventually became friends with her too! Later introducing her to another friend of mine.....and they are now happily married!!!

In my apt. This is Terri, she moved to Utah for a year and married my friend Derek!
Married in Utah 2ish years after this picture
I absolutely LOVED my time in NYC. I hope to make it back sometime soon so that I can show HM my old stamping grounds. We have talked about retiring in the city. Nothing like planning ahead right? I love the possibility of New York. You can do anything. You can see anything....

Like crazy people and their dogs
I miss you NYC. Even thought I feel a lot richer since leaving the city! I hope to see you again soon!

My fashion sense sucked! Geeeez.

Thanks Sweets for indulging me in this week's Flashback Friday!


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