Friday, March 9, 2012

First Ever- Flashback Friday!


Welcome to the first ever Flashback Friday! I love writing this blog because it allows me to keep a journal of sorts. It has almost been a year, which is sort of crazy to think about. It makes me wonder....was there a life before Sweating Sugar? Well duh, of course. That is why I decided to start Flashback Fridays. Each Friday I will share some old photos and provide a little background around that flashback. So let's get started!

In January of 2006, my friend Megan and I took a trip to Costa Rica.
Arenal Volcano, CR
 I remember how the trip happened. Megan informed me that she found a round trip plane ticket to San Jose, Costa Rica for something like $215 dollars. Even then, that was cheep! I immediately jumped at the idea and told her to book it!!! I lived in Sacramento at the time and I remember having a moment of panic when I realized that it likely cost $215 to fly to San Jose, California!

About to go zip lining!
Not to worry Sweets. Megan got it right and we were in Costa Rica before we knew it. I was a stock broker at the time and I had basically threatened to quit if they did not let me go on this vacation. They did. I worked for the company for 9 years. We saw so many cool things during the two weeks we were there.

Like This Sloth!
We stayed at this little pension in Montezuma. I think it cost $6 a night. It was RIGHT on the beach. That is my room on the upper left. See those little slats above the window? That is how the lizards would get in. I would lay in bed and look up to see little geckos crawling above me. Ecckkkk.

Nice view, right? Only $6!
Okay Sweets. That brings our first Flashback Friday to a close. I hope that you enjoyed walking with me down this memory lane. I have got 10 miles on the training plan tomorrow. You?


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