Monday, March 12, 2012

9.2 Is Close Enough


Let me fill you in on what I have been up to since I last checked in. Friday I spent the day in downtown SLC at an ACG (association of capital growth) conference. It was held at the Grand American. Hands down, the nicest hotel in Salt Lake. So nice in fact, I had to take some pictures.
I like to keep HM on his toes so I told him that I want to have my next wedding at the Grand American. HA! Saturday, Miz Liz and I set out on our long run. We had 10 miles on the schedule. The sun was shinning and we were ready to go- just one Garmin was not up to it. It has been given me low battery alerts on all of my runs lately even after a full night of charging.  I had a rough idea of the millage layout but with no confirmation it was rough going.
Wishful thinking Liz!
I mapped our exact route when I got home and it came out to 9.2 miles. Not quite 10, but our longest run to date. It will have to do. After I got cleaned up from the run, HM and I headed out to Finns. Because of the conference, we did not get a chance to go Friday morning and we needed to get our fix. It was so nice out we even got to enjoy our first outside dinning of the season!

Next it was off to exercise the little poodle. He wanted to enjoy the sun too.

We ended Saturday night in style. Baskin Robins! I switch between Mint Chocolate Chip or Gold Medal Ribbon. I waited in the car like a good wife and let HM run in and grab my ice cream cone. Of course I am appreciative, but I was about to complain of the ratio of vanilla ice cream to chocolate and carmel when HM launched into a story about the creepy lady in front of him at the counter.
Look close and you will see HM and "the lady" inside.
Imagine a rather large women in pink kitty cat scrubs who grumbled at the employee scooping the ice cream (not sure what flavor). Apparently this lady felt there was too much vanilla in the scoop and she "needed a little flavor" so she made the employee re-scoop. Good thing I didn't share my thoughts on the Gold Medal Ribbon scoop.

We closed down the weekend by taking our beach cruisers out for their first Spring ride. We may or may not have used our Disney cups for a road soda. Read: vodka cranberry elixir.

So to wrap it up, I snuck in the following workouts:

10 mile run (Saturday)
1 hour hike (Saturday)
Gym- Lifting (Sunday)
Bike Cruise (Sunday)

Not bad, not bad at all!!!


  1. The weather was perfect for your weekend activities! I love it!


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