Friday, March 30, 2012

Falshback Friday


Happy Friday Sweets! It has been one hell of a week and I am very happy to start my weekend. HM and I are going to pack our weekend full of fun activities. I have my long run on Saturday (8 miles) and we are hoping to squeeze in a tennis game and hike with the poodle.

With that, let's begin this week's Flashback Friday! I think this flashback took place on Thanksgiving 2008. Miz Liz, my friend/neighbor Misty, and I ran a Turkey Trot.

Look at my old school iPod! I have since run this race 4 times and this was my first year. The weather was great, but it has been brutally cold every year after. One year my nose hair froze. Creepy huh? The race starts at the Utah Capitol building.

Why did I both OWN and WEAR that hat?!?!?
It was slightly rainy that day. The first half of the race is up a canyon road. I love that moment when you get to turn around and run the rest of the race down hill. The finish line is located in a nice park and the whole park is filled with post race treats and a band.

Can you see my terrible hat heading towards the finish?
I have no idea what my finish time was. I don't really care as much about 5Ks, although I have considered doing a few in attempt to improve my pace without all the training (like the half marathon requires). Regardless of our finish time, I remember it was a great way to start a day centered around eating.
This was a time before lululemon...clearly.
Okay sweets, have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Life is too short to put up with things that make you unhappy so focus on the things that bring joy to your life. If you need some help, consider reading this book:

I just started it and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If You Want It, Earn It!


Last night, HM, the MIL and I made tacos.  In the ever present goal to lose weight, I decided to sneak in ground buffalo in place of ground beef. I have to say, I really like it better than beef. Here is what the world wide interweb has to say:

"Nutritional value

  • Grass-fed buffalo is higher in iron and protein than beef, though the meats have comparable amounts of B vitamins. Grass-fed bison also contains higher amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef.

Fat and calories

  • Ground buffalo has a lower saturated and unsaturated fat content than most ground beef, is generally lower in cholesterol and has an average of 143 calories per 3-ounce serving vs. 211 for ground beef. However, if you purchase 95 percent lean ground beef, the fat content is similar  to buffalo.
    After dinner we headed out on a walk to get ice cream at Baskin Robbins.
    Say hello to the MIL Sweets!

    By my math I figured that the round trip walk to Baskin Robbins is 3 miles. 3 miles burns around 250 calories....which is about as much as a scoop of ice cream. Coincidence? Hmmm I wonder.
    Buckley is such a spaz!
    Okay Sweets, that is it for the day.  I will be back tomorrow with a new food suggestion
    Here is a hint about tomorrows post. It is about my new favorite breakfast item which the MIL introduced me to. Here is a hint:
    1. It is a species of flowering plant in the mint family
    2. It is a food that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids
    3. It may be eaten raw as a whole seed, providing protein, fats and fiber.

    Any one want to take a guess?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Death By Blocks

Hey Sweets,

Well, I started a new diet today and it is making me CRANKY. The goal is to slim down as much as possible before the race. The less weight I have to carry for 13.1 miles, the faster I can finish right? Now let me say, I don't mind diets. I have successfully lost weight on Weight Watchers and by just counting calories. I thought I would take it to the next level this time and try the BifG prescribed diet. It is a block diet, sometimes referred to as the zone diet.

Hi, I am Medium female. Nice to meet you. So how this works is that I will eat a total of 11 blocks a day. Each block has 1 unit of protein, 1 unit of carbs, 1 unit of fat. Got that? Yeah well if you find it confusing you are not alone. I find it soooooo difficult, but I want to give it the 'ol college try before I bail on it.

It takes a lot of pre-planning. I made a terrible smoothie yesterday morning while trying to "stay in the zone." It was supposed to be a three block meal. remember, that means 3 blocks carbs, 3 blocks protein, 3 blocks fat. It was 3 blocks gross. My lunch had potential. Salad and an apple (carbs) with turkey and cottage cheese (protein) with sunflower seeds and dressing (fats). It was so unappetizing. Salads have to be pretty amazing for me to enjoy it and amazing it was not.

By the way, check out the view from my new office:

I love it! Maybe I will sit in the sun and read all those books!
I am going to try the block thing again.....but I just don't know Sweets. I really hate it. Even my trainer was concerned about my meal planning after I told her how confused I was trying to get the right blocks in my smoothie (or smoothly. Thanks auto correct). I will keep you all posted on my progress!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Only Three Runs Left....

Good Morning Sweets,

I hope that every one's weekend was lovely. I took Saturday off from running/the gym because Liz had friends in town and needed to move our long run to Sunday. Fine by me, I needed a rest day. By the time Sunday rolled around, I was ready for the 10 miles. I wore my new fancy pants. And by fancy, I mean blinding.

Our route took us by BifG!
The pants look pretty bright in the picture, but in person they are simply blinding. We didn't get hit by any cars though!
They even glow in the dark
When we first started our run, I felt great. Everything seemed beautiful and right with the world. Ducks were in love and flowers were blooming.

Ducks in love....
Liz with the blooming flowers
But somewhere around mile 7.5 things started to shift. Every step became more difficult. I have definitely had harder runs than this one, but it was not easy. It could have been the hex that a cranky old lady put on me. We ran past a lady walking to church ( I assume) who looked my up and down with the nastiest look. Geez. She apparently didn't care for this running harlot in her hot pants.

I was fairly happy with our pace, although we will need to pick it up on race day if we want to make our goal time of sub 2:10.

We need to be under 10 minute miles to get 2 hours and 10 minutes. I would feel better if our long runs were under 10:30. Granted, there were a few big hills. The race route is almost completely downhill with the exception of a hill at mile 12. The hill seems so small in the elevation chart, but at mile 12, it seems like climbing the highest peak in Salt Lake. I have been working on my hill endurance so I can dominate it and not lose too much time. There are only three weeks left before the race!!!!
This morning I had BifG and I will be spending the rest of the day relaxing and waiting for the MIL to get into town. HM and I have spent a lot of time getting our basement ready. It is not done, but progress has been made. After the MIL leaves there will be a calm before the storm. Storm being my rents that will be visiting. Wish me luck!

What do you sweets have planned for you day? 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Flash Back Friday - My Style


Welcome to Flashback Friday! Last week I shared with all of you about my time in New York. When I lived there I took advantage of everything the city had to offer. I applied that same zest when I relocated to Utah. In New York adventure meant riding the subway, but in Utah adventure meant riding a mountain bike.

Warning: Today's Flash Back Friday contains disturbing images of awkward Emily in a helmet.

Like this one
These pictures were actually taken on a second date (before I met HM). I was a little annoyed, if it was not obvious from the above picture, that I had agreed to go on a date that required me to look like such a tard. The look on my face was "I can't believe I styled my hair for this".

Second date dude assured me that we were embarking on an easy trail. Which was good for me because I didn't feel confident on the all.

Well lets get this over with....
I had participated in a triathlon shortly before this bike ride and I think the fact that I owned padded bike pants and a helmet gave the guy an inflated sense of my mountain biking ability. Here is a video that proves just how little ability I have when it comes to biking.
It was actually a really fun experience and the scenery was very pretty. On the plus side, I survived the date.

So what ever happened to second date guy? He had terrible BO. Deal Breaker! It all worked out for the best right? I eventually met HM and traded in my mountain bike for a beach cruiser. Don't you think this is more my style?
Hot Dude on a Beach Cruiser = My Style
Plus HM smells pretty good in my opinion! Thanks for indulging me in this week's Flashback Friday.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Night At The Gala

Hey Sweets,

This is going to be a short little post before I head off to work. Please excuse typos. Last night HM and I attended the opening gala for this new development in downtown Salt Lake. It is a gorgeous open air mall- with retractable roof to accommodate out Utah winters.

It was cocktail attire so I had to pre shop at another mall just to find shoes I could wear and still strut up and down the new mall. Rough life, I know. I eventually sprang for some fancy Cole Haan peep toes.

There were entertainers up and down the mall and yummy snacks throughout the plaza.
That is a human!

HM and I had a good time despite the lack of easily accessible cocktails (and the fact it will be closed Sunday) thanks to the hands of the LDS church....but development is good for any city so I will take it. I will also take the Michael Kors and BCBG Maximara stores....Tiffany's does not excite me.

The good out weighs the bad because I can only infer that the mall is dog friendly?

Get you Saturday Bests on Buckley ....we are going shopping!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do All Vacations = Weight Gain?


Last night I sat on the couch and watched the Biggest Loser. I started to get jealous watching the contestants play in Hawaii. A little surfing, a little swimming, and a little tropical wants!

This weeks excuse was "I can't lose weight on vacation." It got me thinking a lot about past vacations. Most recently, I traveled to the Dominican Republic for Christmas. HM and I worked out on that vacation and the novelty of running through the gorgeous resort made the workout more fun.

With our vacation to Europe on the (distant) horizon, I started to think about how I could not only maintain weight, but lose weight on my trip. I will be in the land of bratwursts and beer after all. At least in the DR I could stick to a diet of watermelon, pineapple, and piyaya.

All bread there was nasty so I didn't eat much.
 That plate looks a lot healthier than what is waiting for me in September:
Bob Harper shared a workout that can be done anywhere, anytime, even on vacation. It included 5 rounds of 20 jumping jacks, 20 lunges (each leg), and 20 push-ups. HM and I have already talked about how we can workout while on vacation. I think we can do things like Bob's workout, city bike tours, lots of walking, and our 100 push up challenge that we plan to start again. Oh....and the many jumps it takes to get just the right souvenir photo!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Evolution In Time


I remember when I first started running. I didn't have anything fancy to gauge my pace or progress, just a Timex stopwatch.

Remember that credit that  George Dubba-Ya gave us a few years back? Well, I spent $60 on this stopwatch and heart rate monitor and put the rest in savings. I can't be sure from this picture, but I am likely wearing the stopwatch in this photo from a 4th of July run Liz and I did in 2008.

I realized that I needed to start tracking my miles, not just my total time. It was time to upgrade to the most technologically advanced gadget I could think of......a device that I put in my shoe and connected to my iPod mini (this cool music player).
I would run the same route from my condo up to 11th avenue and down through Memory Grove Park. It is still one of my favorite places to run, but I don't make it there that often since I moved out of my condo.
Memory Grove
Then joy of all joy, HM gave me a Garmin for Christmas 2009. It has been my trusty pal for over 3 years.
One of my first runs using the Garmin was in Tucson. It was such a rush hearing those miles beep by. I was so motivated to keep going.

I have since gone on many runs in Tucson, like this one.
Since that first run, I have become very dependent on my Garmin. Only recently did I learn how to download the split results onto my computer, but just when things were going so well, it broke. Battery dead. It is no longer 2008. In 2012, they have an app to fix that!

Saturday was my first time using the app on my iPhone as my GPS/Pace tracker. What I liked: It only cost me $2.99 (as opposed to $300+ for a new Garmin), it worked perfectly, I didn't have to add a new setting to show my elevation (I always wondered), and I could set it to update directly to my social media sites. Here are the results of my weekend run:

What I didn't like: It didn't beep after each mile, it did not update progress until I pressed stop so there was no way to see how I was doing while running, I obviously could not wear it on my wrist and check it repeatedly. All in all, I was really impressed. I am glad I downloaded it. For those of you that have an iPhone but don't have a Garmin, I would HIGHLY suggest this one.

It is sort of cool to see how technology has changed!

Tell me Sweets, what do you use to track your mileage?

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