Friday, February 3, 2012

Wet Suits Are For Babies


Tomorrow is the first day of my half marathon training. Part of me is bellowing arggghhh, but the other part of me is excited! It feels like it has been far too long since I have trained for anything, even though it has not been (Disney ring a bell?) but after falling in a pot hole last year and missing my goal, I am anxious to start anew.

In preparation for tomorrow's run, I thought I would take a walk first. A walk down memory lane that is! This will be my fourth year training with Miz Liz. Before we ever trained for the Salt Lake City Half, we participated in a triathlon in Las Vegas (2008).

From left to right: Liz, Lori, and Me (the short one)
It was such a fun experience. We learned a lot and definitely made a few rookie moves. Wet suits? Oh not for us! Standing at the stating line on the beach with thousands on women in wet suits, we shivered in our tri pants and sports bras....yeah we screamed rookies!

Transition area: pre-race
I remember grabbing Lori's hand and running into that 60 degree water when the gun went off. We knew it was going to suck but we decided to just power through. We survived the swim and then moved on to the bike.

It's fun, right Lori?
The bike ride was fun, but in true rookie fashion I did it on a mountain bike. HA! It took forever!! I can't remember the run very clearly, but I do remember being excited that it was finally over. It took me one more triathlon and an epic duathlon to decided to stick to foot races. After the race, we scrubbed off our race numbers and hit the strip.

Looking good considering our morning!

Love Miz Liz's eye make-up in this photo

Ahhh good time ladies, good times. We should do it again some time....and train for it....and wear wet suits!


  1. Love this post! Not sure I could ever be convinced to do any event in water again... but I'm always up for another duathlon :)

  2. Just read this... ahh good times agreed! My next tri is in Hawaii, then my half ironman in july... come on ladies you know you want to tri some more!


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