Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Weekend With My Valentine(s)


How was every one's Valentine's Day? Mine was pretty good. Love must be in the air. My good friend Ashleigh got engaged to a lovely not important....okay fine, it's Mark.

Here they our at our wedding.
HM and I celebrated the day by continuing our tradition. We spoil each other often so for Valentine's Day, we started a low key tradition. For under $20 we exchange sentimental meaningful gifts. I love HM for so many reasons it was hard to focus on just one, but I was able to narrow it down. I am the dreamer, so I really appreciate HM's practical side.This is the trait I decided to focus on. In honer of that, I got him a gift bag of practical items. Think socks, batteries, gum, a lighter, and a tide stain remover stick. See? Practical.
Nothing says "I love you" like a Tide stain remover stick!
I like to think that HM was making a statement about my sense of adventure when he picked out a gift for me. Maybe it was my dreaming spirit that he appreciates (in contrast to his practicality). Regardless of his motivation, I was really excited when he gave me this book:

150 Weekend Trips!!!!
In addition to the book, HM and I will be spending a romantic weekend in Moab, Utah!!!!! It is one of the 36 hour vacations listed in the book! I have lived in Utah for over 4 years now and have never made it to Southern Utah....until now.

As some of you sharper sweets may recall, visiting Southern Utah is one of my 2012 New Year Resolutions. Score! But I have not told you sweets the best part of the deal! I get to spend this romantic weekend with not one, but TWO of my favorite guys.

Double Score!!!! I can't tell you what a cherry on my Sunday it is bringing my little poodle. I really need this little getaway in order to recharge. My plan is to hike in Arches national park, nap, read, eat and drink and the breweries on Main Street, and still fit in my scheduled 6 mile run. We are staying at a pet friendly hotel and word has it that there is a greenbelt/parkway running through the hotel property. I can't wait to get in a little jog with the men in my life!

How was everyone else' V-Day? If you are a "free agent" how do you like to spend the day?


  1. I LOVE southern Utah! Arches is so beautiful. I'm jealous! Enjoy your weekend trip. I have a feeling you will take another trip down to Moab soon!

  2. So, I guess this is your way of telling me I'm running 6 miles solo this weekend... Awesomesauce.


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