Monday, February 27, 2012

The Weekend Long Run


I was so nervous about my long run this weekend and you know what? It was not that bad. It definitely felt like 8 miles, but not 8 miles run while out of shape, like I thought it would be. My good luck may have been attributed to my awesome breakfast of animal cookies and a banana, or it could have been attributed to Liz's outfit. She tried to pretend that she was too cool for school, but she came to her senses and bought her first piece of lulu gear.

You can't fight city hall Liz
We decided to take our 8 miles to the Jordon River Parkway. It is a great place to just run and not worry about traffic or surprise hills.  We normally avoid the parkway during the spring because snow melt tends to flood sections of the path. I figured that would not be a problem in February, but whoops....I was wrong.

Not too worry sweets, we ran a few miles in one direction and then doubled back. From there, we avoided the flooded section by crossing over on the road and continuing on the trail. From that point on, the trail was in great condition. No ice!!

I used the Lap feature on my Garmin for the first time this weekend. I was really excited by our pace for each mile. There were a few miles that were under 10 minutes. Whhhhaaaa? That gets me excited. I feel like real runners are NOT in double digit paces. Almost there!!!! Our average pace was 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

With long legs like these, of course we are fast!!!

I think my Garmin 305 is on its last life. When fully charged, it only lasts about an hour and 15 minutes before giving up.Which is ironic that this weekend was the first time I ever attempted to install and import my Garmin info! I see other bloggers share their splits in nice little spreadsheets. If they type the info into another document then forget it. I am not doing that. If it is a setting...then maybe I will figure it out. Either way, you can enjoy this for now. Each mile was a lap. I hit the lap button on each beep. Is that how it's done?

Let me explain away mile 6. The wind started picking up and we could not even catch our breath. There was some walking breaks. I can't lie now, the Garmin Training Center has been installed. It was a hard run but I was honestly expecting a lot worse. Now that I can review my splits so easily, I might be more motivated to push myself. Maybe by Spring (officially March 20th) I will shed all the double digit splits and the terrible winter wear!

Get ready sweets. Things are about to get speedy!

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