Thursday, February 2, 2012



My Wednesday started off with a bang. I got up early yesterday and met Lovely Jenny at the gym. We cruised on the stair master for about 30 minutes and then took turns holding 1 minute planks. It was so nice to get my workout out of the way...and with such lovely company too!

This is not what we wore to the gym
After work I went to a laser appointment to get my friggen legs burned. Ouch! It was so painful and my legs ended up blistering. TMI? Maybe. Wanna see a picture?

TMI? Definitely.
It was the most painful session I have had. I swear that lady turned up the intensity and then denied it when I called her out on it. Not to worry sweets, I survived. To take my mind off the blistering (literally) pain I went next door to Paradise Bakery and bought myself some chocolate chip cookies.

It took everything in me not to eat them before dinner. I rushed home to get my dinner on and what greeted me? A feast! Cooked by HM. The man made meatballs!!!! Not something I would normally crave but boy did they hit the spot!!!

Those are some hot meatballs, huh?
Aside from the laser beam part, it was pretty good day. I hope all of you sweets had a great yesterday and I hope your today kicks meatballs!

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