Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweating In The Desert

Hey Sweets,

Yesterday I filled you in on my Moab trip and our hike to Delicate Arch, but you didn't think that was my only workout did you? Okay good.

We found a dog friendly hotel so that we could bring the poodle with us. We chose the Gonzo Inn because it received great reviews from dog lovers. We stayed in one of the basic rooms, but it had a door to a patio that looked out on a big grassy area. This made it easy to let pup chow out for bathroom breaks.

View out the door of our hotel room
Even better was the creek that ran along the back which also had a bike trail that ran through the town. It was perfect for a morning run. I was supposed to run 6 miles according to my schedule, but neither my husband or puppy could run that far on such short notice so we made a compromise. We would run 3.1 miles and stop intermittently to do some sort of drill. Deal. Off we went, starting on the creek side trail head at our hotel.

Maybe the person who tagged Hell on the sign was having a bum run.
We started off at a really good clip. We came to the first mile and did as many push ups as we could in 4  minutes. I did 72. HM did 75. We did our push-ups right along the trail and there were many people who passed by yelling things like "nice work", "that's dedication", and "tough stuff". Bring it on people!

Push ups on the ground leave you dusty, trust me.
We continued our run and at the turn around spot, we came across a really fun park. Before we started playing with the fun stuff at the "musical park", we did 30 (jumping) pull-ups.

Because it was a purely fun run, we decided it was okay to spend a few minutes playing at, what we both agreed was the coolest thing ever, the out door music park. It was awesome. It had all of these musical installations, drums, xylophones, etc. They actually sounded beautiful and because we were the only ones out at the park that early in the morning, we decided to jam a little.

"Parks are dumb when you are tied to a pole!"
After a serious jam session, we started back on the trail. There was a short off trail section and we did jumps over a fallen log. Buckley was being a really good sport and so we stopped at a dog park at the end of our run. We HAD to stop. There was another poodle there!!!!

Buckley meet Ziggy, Ziggy meet Buckley
Here is the craziest part of this poodle meet up.....Buckley and Ziggy already know each other! Here we were in Moab, 275 miles from our home and we run into Ziggy. He lives in our neighborhood a measly one street over!!! How funny is that?!?! Ziggy has a beard and a mohawk and out weighs our little squirrel by about 15lbs. That's what we get for buying a discount doodle!

All in all, it was a great trip and a great morning workout. It was so nice to get out of town and spend some quality time with my two favorite guys.

15 more lbs and this might not be possible!

Sweets, what is your favorite weekend getaway? Do you like working out MORE or LESS on vacation?


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