Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reasons To Grimace.... And Smile


I wish I could say that I am feeling bright and chipper today, but that is just not the case. There is nothing particularly upsetting me. I think I just need some sunny spring weather. In attempt to vent and then move on, I thought I would list 5 things that make me grimace and then move on to 5 things that make me happy. Sound good? Okay then, on we go.

#1 Reason To Grimace - Conda

"Hi, I'm Conda and I am the wuuuurst."
I am sooooo over all the drama in this season's Biggest Loser. Is it just me or does anyone else want to throw water balloons at Conda's face and then dry her off with a wiffle bat? She is the worst. I watch the bachelor for drama. I watch Biggest Loser for inspiration and camaraderie.

#2 Reason To Grimace - Righteous Diets
Just evolve already!
Fads on how to eat "right". We live in a country where most people have an abundance of food options and sufficient means to obtain those food options. This leads to a frenzy to be the "purest" eater. Paleo? You want to eat like a caveman? That means no variety kids. Oh and you are overlooking the fact that humans and their digestive systems have evolved over the past thousands of years. Well done math addicts. Oh not paleo? How about vegetarian? Vegan? Oh forgive me, Gluten sensitive.

#3 Reason To Grimace - Haters (I understand the irony of this one after #2)

Specifically, people who get all bent out of shape about charity race slots. You may or may not know this, but some races are for qualifiers only......unless you are participating on behalf of a charity. I have heard some of my more competitive friends complain about this. To them (through this blog post) I say, calm down. No one is going to confuse an elite athlete who has trained all year with the person who is trying to raise money for children with blood cancers. Lets put things in perspective shall we?

#4 Reason To Grimace -Lazy People

There is one lady who works out at BifG. I am not going to lie, training at that gym is pricey and she is soooo slow. I was working out with my trainer on Monday and she was there with her trainer. I was sweating and feeling light headed. As I sat there trying to catch my breath I was looking at her pedal slow and chatting it up with the people around her. I was exhausted and the irrational amount of annoyance I had for this women was probably more of a reflection of my character than it was for her character.

#5 Reason To Grimace - SLC Marathon Ambiguity

The Salt Lake Marathon is still on thin ice. The scheduled race date is fast approaching and there is still no race director. For years there have been rumors of failure of the racing company to pay vendors and winners (that's why I didn't "go all out" to win it). It looks like everything will work itself out, but I want it to be official so I can shell out the entry fee and push hard on my training runs.

Okay, so there you have five reasons to grimace. Everybody depressed now? Oh my. Let's move on to happier things and maybe we can all cheer up.

#1 Reason To Smile - Toddlers Skiing

I am not a huge fan of children, but I will say there is something so endearing about toddlers on skis. Every time I see a young child on the slopes, I can't help but start giggling.

#2 Reason To Smile - Reggie Got Paid

My car is paid off!!! Woo hoo. HM and I are currently car debt free! Unst Unst Unst. That was one of my new year resolutions. It is very exciting to be able to role the money we would normally shell out on car payments and use it for other paying down our mortgage.....or more poodles. Only in my dreams.

#3 Reason To Smile - 4 Day Work Week

After having a three day weekend, I only have to work a 4 day week before I get another weekend! I have a long run (8 miles) on Saturday and then HM and I are going to look at open houses. On Sunday, I plan to sleep in and then grab brunch with my handsome husband. I might even take the poodle for a hike....if it is sunny.

#4 Reason To Smile - Gift Cards
I have a $100 gift card to Nordstroms burning a hole in my pocket right now. I don't know what I want to use it for, but just knowing it is there makes me smile. I am thinking of applying it towards a pair of floral jeans for spring or a new wallet.

# 5 Reason To Smile - Feeling Fitter

HM always tells me I look fitter, but he might be biased.
I can tell that I am getting healthier and fitter. BifG and training for the race is really helping me slim down. I can tell things are firming up and my pant size has gone down. I hope that I will eventually hit my goal weight and have the changes be visible to others. I hope that by lowering my body weight and increasing muscle at the same time, I will be ready to meet my marathon goal.

Thank you for indulging me Sweets. I needed this. Now I owe you one (or five). Tell me something that makes you grimace or smile.

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