Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Mothership


Guess what? It has arrived. The mother ship. I knew it would come for me. All that waiting and waiting, ordering clothes online only to have to wait and return/exchange them at the showroom during narrow operating hours. I am talking about the new Salt Lake City lululemon store. We finally got a real full-sized store here!!!

I had ordered a few things online and the were unflattering to say the least. I took the opportunity to check out the new store while I returned the items. It was a little too much to handle, being as it was opening weekend and all. There was a DJ and some weird chick doing yoga in the window.

Can you see her? Weird. Of course she probably thought I was weird for taking this picture. Can you spot me in this photo? I am that girl in the Paris Pink jacket....reflected in the window.

To be honest, it was too crazy in there. I found it ironic that they had the slogan Breath Deeply written on the wall, yet there was a DJ playing I'M Sexy And I Know It at a volume unacceptable for a weekend morning. So I returned my stuff and bailed....bailed to the second most obnoxious place to go on a weekend.......Whole Foods.

Lucky for me it was right next door and HM was already deep into the shopping list when I made my way over. We finished up our list for that evening's dinner party and headed home.

Did I mention that the whole family was on this lululemon/Whole Foods shopping extravaganza? Note to self, shop on week nights only and use the weekend to enjoy the bounty.


  1. Yeah that lulu store would have been too much for me to handle!

    That is NOT a peaceful way to have a store on a Saturday morning, they should know better, haha.


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