Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It Burns, It Burns


Lucky for you sweets, I can still move my fingers or this post would not be happening. The rest of me however, is too sore and stiff to move. The last 72 hours have been action packed. Saturday was our run in Moab, Sunday I made HM do the Filthy Fifty, and then Monday I had BifG. You all know by now how exhausting BifG sessions are!!! Sprints on the stair climber? You betcha!

When I got home from yesterday's workout, I just wanted to get some food in me and watch some Bachelor. For the record, Ben is the worst! HM was nice enough to hit up the store while I was at the gym. I came home to an abundance of dinner options.

Thanks HM!
HM is a guy who will get a lady exactly what she asks for....and in bulk.

I said some ginger, and boy did I get some ginger!!!
In order to fit all the new yummies in the fridge, I had to use up some of the produce we already have. We had some great meals in Moab and one of our breakfasts was at the Peace Tree Juice Cafe.  I had an absolutely AMAZING juice. It was worth trying to recreate at home.

Peace Tree Cafe breakfast
Mother of all juices!
The juice consisted of apples, kale, ginger, and lemon. Okay cool. I can do that. Here is the thing sweets, yes HM bought me some kale at the store, and yes he bought everything else I needed to make the "Spring Time Dream", but I had some wheat grass I bought last week....

And by some, I mean a whole damn bag full. I knew HM would be a total Judger if I didn't use it all for juicing. I was motivated to use it too. The dang thing cost me like $8 at Whole Foods. So instead of using kale, I substituted wheat grass. I should have known this was not going to end well...

My juicer was not liking the grass at all. I have never been read the directions for the juicer, but I am sure it says something like juice dryer objects with wetter objects like apples. Hmmm, lesson learned. The juice came out OK, but it didn't really look all that appetizing.

Let's hope that the real Oktoberfest brew tastes better
Sure it burned going down. It was like eating a lawn mower bag while sucking on a lemon. Maybe all those macro nutrients will help repair my sore muscles. I think I will need to try this again sometime using my time tested kale. The important thing to note is that I drank it. All 16 ounces of it. In addition to the juice, I had Kashi Puff Cereal and Greek yogurt. Dinner prepared, I hobbled my stiff self downstairs and propped my feet up and settled in for a night of Bachelor and Alcatraz.

For the record, my house is much cleaner then this picture would lead you to believe. Unless you take a look into my closet room...in which case it is worse than it looks in any picture.

A lot of stuff was kicked aside before the above picture was taken.

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