Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Be Stessin


As you read this I am likely running my biscuits off on the river parkway. Maybe by a stroke of luck I am having a great run. Maybe. I am in week four of training and I am feeling very unprepared. Like I mentioned a couple of days ago, I have been feeling more in shape.....thanks in large part to BifG.

Here is the problem though sweets....I am working out at BifG three days a week. I have my long run with Miz Liz on Saturdays and a crossfit workout with HM on Sundays.  I am sooooo sore and tired during the week  that I have not been able to sneak in any mid-week runs. It is really starting to stress me out. I have a serious goal I want to accomplish during the half this year (2:10) and I know I need to pump it up. I don't want to go into this race anything but prepared.

During the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon, I started like this:

But then things started to slip.......

And I ended up this:

And if you can't tell from the photographic evidence, it was not a good feeling. I wanted to curl up in a dark part of the Hollywood Studios park and never move. This is NOT the way I want my 2012 SLC Half to go! For this reason, I vow the following:

Should I survive the 8 mile run today, I will make some changes to my weekly schedule. I don't have my exact BifG schedule yet (she usually texts it to me on Sundays), but I am going to plan on running two of the days that I also have BifG. Not long runs, 2-3 miles, but I want to get them in. Hopefully some hills. The third BifG workout will be a stand alone. There will be one additional stand alone run during the week and then my long run on Saturday. I will let you know how it goes. I hope it will help me look as good at the finish line as this guy:

Meow. What a stud!


  1. oh no, i felt like that during my half...i keep slipping and my mind was pushing me away from my focus...ugh, hate that! what a fun race! my husband and i wanna do a disney run next year...suggestions?


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