Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fad Diets and Poodle Ailments


For those of you have been living under a rock, it is Girl Scout Cookie time. I ordered three boxes of Samoas. Soooo good. I realized that one serving, which is two small cookies, requires a mile and half of running (140 calories) to burn off!!! OMG. In every direction, my coworkers were eating boxes upon boxes in one day. One coworker counted fat:

Evil. Just Evil.

"There are X amount of fat per serving"

Another coworker said:

"There are Y grams of sugar per cookie"

I kept thinking:

"There are Z amount of calories, which require XX amount of exercise."

It is interesting what each person identifies as the "evil" component. I think that says something about eating habits. To say there are no trends is dieting is a lie. There most absolutely are trends!

No matter how you measure, a desk full of cookies is bad
We all have our own way to evaluate diets and make decisions on what we eat. The diet fads contradict each other and that is what is so exhausting. There are some diet fads that annoy me more than others, probably because people close to me preach about them. I know I have harped on this before, but I am so annoyed at this whole gluten free fad and it is getting out of control. Wheat is not bad....unless you are the 1% of the population that is ACTUALLY allergic to wheat. In one lunch, I was faced with the contradiction: Is wheat good or bad?

Wow, so chick peas don't contain wheat? Wow. Who knew!?!?!
But course three (yogurt was course two and also free of wheat), placed doubt about my new found hatred of wheat. If wheat is bad, but organic is good....where do my animal crackers leave me?

"Made With Organic Wheat"
One lunch item is wheat free, but the other one is organic wheat. Arrrgghhhh. What to do! What to do?!?!? I think it is important for every one to just do what works best for them and not feel like they are superior to anyone else. I mean seriously, are you going to live like a week longer?

That brings me to my closing argument. Little Buckley went to the Vet yesterday and she informed us (based on weak evidence) that Buckley may have a chronic poodle disease. It is some lame little issue but it would require a lifetime of pills. And there is no guarantee that he actually has it.

Going to the Vet SUCKS!!!!
Don't you start on me now dog. You are just fine. Just because most poodles have Addison disease does not mean you have it. You are also not allergic to wheat. Oh, but the new fad is to buy you organic dog food.


  1. Most poodles DONT have addison's disease and there is a good test. ACTH stimulation test. If you have any doubts, take your records, and get a second opinion. Although, I will add that when your poodle was sick and lethargic awhile back, I did think that he might have it. Does he have any electrolyte abnormalities?

  2. i've purposely avoided all girl scouts, in hopes that i will not buckle under the samoas pressure! that is my favorite girl scout cookie, but i'm ok admitting that i have no control with them...i could probably take out the entire box :(

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