Sunday, February 5, 2012

Deflating Wind Gusts


My soul is still frozen from Saturday's run. When I checked the 'ol iPhone after my alarm went off, it said sunny with a high of 40 degrees and current temps around 35ish. Um okay. I have become so warped after living in Utah for 4 years that my first thought was "oh good, it will be warm". How sick is that?!?!?! Speaking of sick, tell me what is wrong about this photo:

Sleeping in apparently means 25 minutes
It was my first run of the season and so I had to scramble around this morning to find all my winter running gear. I was looking for my nike dry fit top and could not locate it. I found one of my smart wool tops instead. Even through I thought it would be too warm for those balmy temps, I put it on anyways.
Excuse the mess, that is my Sunday chore
In addition to lined running tights, I added a fleece hat and windbreaker. I even managed to scrape up some gloves and can I say "THANK THE RUNNING GODS"? I arrived at the trail head and the wind was blowing so forcefully that I could feel it inside my car as I waited for MIZ LIZ. Not a good sign.

Besides WIND CHILL FACTOR, there was only one other way to describe our first run:

The course was hilly. I knew that going into the run. I was prepared. What I was not prepared for was the freezing gusts coming through the canyon. It was hard to breath at points simply because of the wind blowing directly into our faces (both ways...which did not make sense to us) prohibiting us from taking in air. We had to take a lot of breaks to catch our breath.

Miz Liz contemplating running back to her car
Another reason our pace was so slow? Ice. Most of the trail was clear but there were a few patches of ice which required great caution. Nobody wants to break something on day one of training!!

Trying to show how gusty it was
Liz had to remove her glove to take that photo of me and I am pretty sure she is still mad at me for asking her to do so. Sorry 'bout that Miz Liz.

My Garmin died shortly after the turn around so I don't know our exact time. I have to say, it was a pretty deflating run. Not the ideal way to start off the season but, Miz Liz is such a good running buddy and we will be training until spring so I am sure it will only get better. Speaking of better, things got MUCH better when I got home and HM had this waiting for me:

You are the best HM!!!
The only thing I had to do beside enjoy was to cook my bacon a bit more. HM did not believe me when I told him I like it crispy and burnt. I'm serious mister! To prove it I burnt my toast too (whoops). To return the favor, I helped HM clean and redecorate his if only I could clean my closet!

What was your worst run experience Sweets?


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