Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Damage Is Done

Dearest Sweets,

The damage is done and now I need to fix it. Damn you kids and your cookies! The Girl Scout Cookies are going to be the death of me! HM and I made such a healthy dinner last night...

Chicken Stir Fry Lettuce Wraps
But after dinner is where things took a turn for the worse. Why Samoas! WHY!!!!

After almost half a box disappeared, I realized that damage was done and now I had to do everything in my power to fix it. I could have hopped on my spin bike in the basement and watched Biggest Loser, but I needed to work in more mid-week runs. To the gym I went. I struck a deal with myself. If I ran negative splits, I could go home and sit of the couch and enjoy Biggest Loser (and not hop on the bike).

This is just a picture of my treadmill. I know it does not tell you much, but negative splits happened. Oh yeah they did! Depending on your fitness background, you may not find this impressive. I started at a 5.8 pace. At one mile I upped it to 6.0. At the 2 mile mark I bumped it to 6.1. The last half mile I ran at 6.3. I dropped to 5.0 for the extra 0.10 mile cool down.

I definitely enjoyed my time on the couch watching TV after that run. The contestants rowed 10,000 meters last night. I am not much of a rower but at BifG, we often do a 500 meter row, 0.25 mile sprint (repeat 4 times). I couldn't help but wonder...could I row 10,000 meters? I would love to try it sometime this week. Maybe eating a few more Girl Scout Cookies will give me the motivation I need.......

Just kidding Sweets.


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