Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cheaper Than Therapy


I can't even tell you how difficult last nights BifG workout was!!! They name all their workouts and it escapes me what this workout was titled (Camille?). It consisted of:

5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats (no weights)

Oh did I mention that you had to do that on the minute and when you finished you could rest for the remainder of the minute. You would then start again on the next minute mark. We did this....wait for it......30 times!!! That was a hard 30 minutes! Then there was a blur of sprints and crunches after that. Here is a picture of me to show how beat I looked at the end:

Sort of looks like i am blowing my brains out...figuratively speaking.
Oh is this better?
I left work yesterday a little more stressed than I would have liked so this mind numbing workout was exactly what I needed. I swear each bead of sweat that dripped to the floor carried with it a.... um unit of stress? 

Another thing that made this workout so great? I was wearing a new top. It was the camo print No Limit Tank. It was very G.I. Jane. Even though I have never seen the movie (sorry Demi) I did channel her a few times during my workout, especially during the pull-ups.

Obviously not me judging by the lack of sweat
How many of you sweats are saying, "But Emily said she was not going to buy anymore lulu gear?!?!" Well to that I say HUSH! I have found a new way to rationalize it...and this is what I have explained to life is stressful. Between work, Jr. League, BifG, book club, and other social engagements I run at full throttle. The money I spend on lululemon clothing is much less than the money I probably should be spending on a therapist...or acupuncture...or voodoo, or something! And there you have my overly exaggerated rationalization for buying another Scuba Hoodie. So boom.

Another stress reducing thing I could do? Just go out to dinner with HM at our favorite restaurant: Sea Salt. Yeah, that helped too!

Our spot is the two bar stools on the left
Tell me sweets, what do you for stress relief?


  1. omg, you HAVE to watch G.I. Jane!!! Talk about motivation to work out!

  2. Did you honestly say your stressed out because of all of your social engagements? And the only way to relieve your stress is to buy a ridiculous amount of an over priced workout clothing line? Is this serious? How completely out of touch with the world are you?

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    Wow. Thank you for that cold hard truth. Do you have suggestions on how I can deal with the stress of galas, balls, and dinner parties? I used to kick puppies to relieve the stress of my social engagements, but that began to lose its effectiveness.

    I like that you lead by example Anonymous. Perhaps I should troll various tongue and cheek blogs posts and leave hate mail. You have given me a lot to think about and for this I thank you.

    Take care of yourself Anonymous....oh, and don't hate me 'cause you aint me.


  4. Just found your blog via Neon Blonde Runner and wanted to say hi. That workout you posted sounds brutal--think I'll have to give it a try!

    PS Tell anonymous above s/he should probably work on his/her grammar before leaving such friendly comments. Maybe then she can say that "your" out of touch with reality ;)

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