Thursday, February 16, 2012

90210 = 12

Hey Sweets,

Yes that is a random title, but stay tuned. You will soon see where I am going with this. I thought that today I would share 12 random things with you Sweets.

1) I have graduated from jumping pull-ups to (band) assisted pull-ups.

2) I have been showing HM some of my workouts and I have to say, he could be a better sport. Although, it does make me feel pretty cool that he can't keep up!!!

3) I have found the best Bloody Mary in Salt Lake City. I had a birthday brunch with Miz Liz last week at Wild Grape. Delicious!!!!

4) Speaking of Miz and Liz, we saw a Bald Eagle on our run last Saturday morning.

5) Buckley the poodle has a time share. He and Mitt own different hours of the same bed.

Day Shift
6) I am absolutely in love with juicing and my husband, who's name I will not reveal, claims that he "does not do juice".

Drinking for the picture only
7)  When I workout, I put my wedding rings on my necklace.

8) One of my favorite places to run is in the old Salt Lake City Avenues Cemetery.  I know it is weird, but it is really peaceful. I especially like it when it is rainy out.

Creepy in a good way

9) Costco has some workout clothes that look a lot like lululemon. I wonder how well they stand up after a few washes? They look EXACTLY like define jackets.

Teal Zeal?
Paris Pink?
10) Not one of our pre-made freezer meals turned out to be good. Not one. Barf.

11) I met with a principal of a local elementary school yesterday to organize our next Kids in The Kitchen session. We start in two weeks.

12) And finally, the source of today's post title. Guess who HM and I sat next to last night at dinner? Did you guess Tori and Dean? Wow, really? Good guess.

HM would not let me take my own photo so I borrowed this one from Google
Pretty cool huh? HM made an off handed comment about how the girl at the next table looked a  lot like Donna from 90210. I took a peak and confirmed. That was not a girl who looked a lot like Tori Spelling, it WAS Tori Spelling! We confirmed by looking at the guy next to her and pulling up a picture of Dean. Yep, confirmed. We go to this restaurant (Sea Salt) every week, but we have never enjoyed such good people watching.

So there you have it Sweets. Twelve random things about my life to help you get your day started. Want to share something random of your own?

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  1. That is crazy that Tori Spelling was in SLC. I wonder why? I've never eaten at Sea Salt--any good?


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