Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Morning Sweets,

Two. The magic number is two. Two is the number of minutes I can hold a plank as of today. My ultimate goal is to get to a five minute plank. Tonight at BifG I proudly PR'd. That's right, I made it two minutes THREE Seconds! Ah yeah, that was even at the end of a killer workout!

This is my serious plank face!

Two. Two is also the number of items I ordered today from Lululemon. I know I know, I said I was not going to get anymore stuff for a while.....but 10 days is a while. Just try holding a plank that long and you will see how long 10 days is!

White/Silver Spoon: Deep V Tank
Silver Spoon: Back On Track

Two. Two is the number of remaining BifG workouts I have on my schedule this week. Although I still have 3 cardio interval workouts left for the week.

I could try and keep going (I do have two. Two cats), but I will stop here.

On a final, unrelated note- Whats up with the Dolvett/Bob Harper tension on Biggest Loser? Interesting development.

CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Two. Two is the number of trainers on The Biggest Loser.

Okay, I promise I will stop now.


  1. I don't like all the tension on TBL. Yes, I know it is a show and we're all talking about the tension so it worked, but I think they should be more supportive of each other. If there is actually tension it's unprofessional to hash it all out in front of the contestants. Just my TWO cents.

    Congrats on the plank PR!!!!


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