Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two Thumbs Up

Hey Sweets,

Have you ever tried to ride a spin bike after snowboarding twice in 72 hours? Well, I am not sure I would recommend it. Um ouch. I am learning to snowboard so I spend most of my time falling on my backside, but today....oh today sweets, I shined! For the first time I spent more time snowboarding than I did falling.

Standing Proud!
I even went up the big kids lift, like the one that seven year old's go on, not the bunny slope! Unst unst unst! I even managed some S turns. For those of you who don't snowboard, that's like um a big deal. For those of you who do snowboard, don't laugh it was a big step!

After lunch and beers I started getting brave. Nothing tames the whimp in you like a bratwurst and beers. After lunch I started going faster,  practicing quicker turns, and going on steeper runs. I wanted to get to the bottom fast. It could have been the beers, it could have been my increasing skill, or it could have been a full bladder...

Clearly a newbie, I got a chuckle out of this sign
As much as I kicked and screamed and begrudgingly agreed to learn to snowboard, I am starting to appreciate it. I can imagine once I am good enough to "hang" with HM it will really start to get fun. So officially, thank you HM for pushing me to start learning.

A good husband ties your shoes for you
Voted cutest couple
Well sweets, this was a great end to an extended vacation. It is back to reality for me today but with the Season 13 premiere of The Biggest Loser, I am sure I will survive! How about two thumbs up for a great week back to reality?


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