Friday, January 20, 2012

New Exercise

Hey Sweets,

I have a new exercise for you sweets. It is called Slay The Poodle. Here is how it works- go to a park (you will need a lot of room for this) and find the heaviest fallen branch you can find. In a pinch, you can use a foam roller.  Next, find a poodle. Any poodle will do. To begin the exercise, start swinging the stick in the poodle's direction. Bob and weave accordingly.

It's really easy and one killer arm workout. Even HM is a fan.

For a cool down, I suggest you torture bath a cat. Any greasy unwashed cat will do. We decided that our gross little cat Mitt Romney (please don't ask- this is HMs cat. I am just the step mom) was due to be de-greased. He is hard to see in the picture below but his wails could be heard throughout the house.

Hope everybody had a better weekend than poor little Mitt!


  1. Freaking hilarious. We've never had to bathe our cats before. My dear Chelsea (RIP) needed it towards the end, but she was so delicate I thought it would give her a heart attack, so we left her in her smelly glory.

    Our dogs don't stand a chance though.


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