Friday, January 13, 2012

My Fastest Mile

Hiya Sweets,

Man, I am so happy to be vegging on the couch right now watching garbage television (Real House Wives of Jersey Shore or Toddlers and Dance Moms.... it all starts to blend together). I feel like I have been working out so hard this week! Here is a recap:

Monday: 20 minute interval training on the spin bike
Tuesday: BifG workout
Wednesday: 30 minute interval on the spin bike
Thursday: BifG workout
Friday: Self guided cross fit style workout
Saturday:  20 minute interval run
Sunday: 20 minute interval stairs + yoga

There was a lot of sweat shed this week!

Thursday at BifG I had to run my fastest mile. I have never actually tested my fastest mile so it was sort of exciting. Sure, I have run 13.1 miles at a steady pace, but what about 1 mile as fast as I can handle? Yep, never. I had no idea what I should even strive for?!?!?! My fastest long distance pace was 10 minute mile....maybe with a 9:45 variation?

Clearly my natural stride

 So I thought I would try for a 9  minute mile. 6.7mph would have put me at 8:57 minute mile (close enough). I realized a quarter of the mile in that I was not pushing hard enough. I kept upping the pace every quarter mile and finished in 8:55. Considering I chatted to a girl on the treadmill next to me the whole time and I felt great, I clearly did not push hard enough.

Gross, I clearly pushed before this photo was taken!
HM and I have already decided to make the Sunday Yoga Stretch class a regular on our weekends. He had two glasses of wine tonight at dinner and agreed to start running a 'fastest mile' with me before each class. This Sunday I am going to bump it up. I am trying to decide, 8:30? 8:15? 8.00? (minute mile) I will be sure to let you know sweets!

Tell me, what is your fastest mile? It is okay to brag sweets!


  1. I have no idea what my fastest mile is, but now I'm curious!

  2. Awesome job with your speedy mile! I bet you'll be surprised by how much faster you can do it, especially on a TM. Just set the button and run!!!!


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