Sunday, January 8, 2012

From Scuba To Smores

Having a good weekend sweets?

Good. Glad to hear it! I woke up yesterday way too early for a Saturday. Friday was such a busy workout/workday that I owed HM a Finn's breakfast. We woke up at 7am and headed to breakfast.

I deviated from my regular order of two eggs over medium with sourdough toast and instead ordered the oatmeal. I mean, I had too. It was that sort of day. I woke up to this:

After breakfast, I headed to my hair appointment. It was a perfect day throw on a Scuba Hoodie and watch old Alfred Hitchcock movies in the basement. Unfortunately, I was looking a little ragged and had to get my hair done and have my brows shaped.

Oh Scuba Hoodie, I heart you
I left my hair salon a little earlier then I had planned and I had some time to kill before my brow shaping appointment. I decided to stop by Rite Aide and pick up some nail polish. I have not bought drugstore cosmetics since I was sporting a Mustang Letterman jacket and vying for "Most School Spirit." Sorry Sweets, I have a picture of me in the aforementioned Letterman jacket but it was before digital photography was available to the masses.
I decided on two lipsticks (both hideous) and two nail polishes. I went in to get a very dark green and found something that matched my imagination. I also found a cool taupe one (like an updated version of a Mary Kay best seller). I sat outside my brow place and tried out both shades.

Oh- and despite what you might gather from the above photos, I am not a 100 year old women named Pearl. I guess I should start incorporating gloves into my "look". I decided on the taupe color and finished my manicure when I returned home. It ended up being an excellent choice as it perfectly matched the toasted marshmallows in the smores I ordered for dessert.

For $30 you too can have overly arched brows!

Okay well...HM and I are off to yoga stretch class now. Have a great Sunday!


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