Tuesday, January 17, 2012

4 Years Runnning - Literally

Good Morning Sweets,

Guess what is fast approaching? Did you guess SLC 1/2 Marathon training? Wow, seriously? You guessed that? Nice work Sweets. The race is April 21, 2012. Who is interested? It will be my fourth year running this race.

The first year I ran the race, I ran it with Team in Training. It was a great way to take someone who had never run a 5K all the way through and get them to run the entire half marathon. 3.1 miles to 13.1 mile? You betcha!

2009 Finish 2hrs 40 minutes- and yes that was running
2010 Finish 2hrs 17 minutes
2011 Finish 2 hrs 24 minutes (pot hole incident)
2012 Finished 2hrs 10 minutes- a girl can dream right?
I am still chasing that 2 hour and 10 minute goal. I really want to blow through that goal. A mean, alright already- the time has come!!! My newest fastest mile is 8 minutes 34 seconds. 2 hours and 10 minutes is sure possible.

My first training run is February 4th  I am not sure I am ready for this again. It is cold outside Baby!

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