Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Happy New Years Sweets!!!

Everybody getting ready to ring in the new year? I love New Years because I love the idea of a fresh slate. I take the writing of New Year's Resolutions more seriously than I took writing my wedding vows (which was VERY seriously so you can only imagine right?). HM and I are headed to a party in Park City tonight and while my (what I anticipate to be amazing Asian inspired chicken wings) appetizer marinates, I thought I would take a moment and share my 2012 New Year's Resolutions! with you sweets.

In no particular order:

1) Wash my face every night before bed. Currently I suck at this and never wash my makeup off.
"Use me, I'm nice."
2) Pay off my Jeep and enjoy at least 2 months of no payments before getting a new car. Even though I am not a car person and have always paid off every car I have owned, I am anxious to have at least one Sedan in the family (swinging out of an SUV in nylons and heels is no bueno). Plus my relationship with Reggie (my Jeep) has been an abusive one at best. He needs to get dumped!

Reggie in the background watching me like a jealous boyfriend

3) Run the SLC 1/2 Marathon in 2 hours and 10 minutes OR BETTER! Yes this sounds familiar as it was my goal last year, but I fell into a pot hole and my luck went down from there.

Big smiles despite the pot hole incident
4) Visit Southern Utah. Although it has never been an official resolution, this has been on my to do list for years....four years if my count is correct.

See you in 2012!!!
5) Grow my own Mint, Basil, Cilantro, and Sage. Hands down the best herbs ever and always the thing you forget and have to run back to the store for.....unless you are HM in which case you will always have to go back...always. No like seriously....he always has to go back for something forgotten. WTF HM! You have a list. Love you though.

I hope to plant them in a planter like this (except the mint)
6) Complete one art or design project a month. I am paralyzed by choice and have big plans that rarely get done.

7) Do one house chore every Sunday. I know what you are thinking, way to set expectations low Emily. Between HM's diligence for cleanliness and the god send that is Maria, I rarely contribute to the house maintenance (I do cook so I am not a total wife fail!).

I love chores!
8) Track my food in Lose It. Repeat from 2011. Tracking is THE ONLY way I have ever been successful with weight loss.

9) Attend Oktoberfest and ride in a sleeper car. This is an odd pairing its true, but I hope to do both in September when HM and I travel to Germany, Austria, and The Czech Republic!! One of the train legs between cities, we want to reserve an old style sleeper car. In my mind this will be very romantic.... in reality, who watched the 5th season of Sex In the City?

10) Commit to my health and fitness goals and be strict about my excuses. I am not a fan of goals that are difficult to measure. This one is hard to quantify so I have decided to track my streaks. I will likely post it on the blog and it will go something like this.....1pt for every day I workout on schedule. A perfect score will be 365 right? Now I will be able to grade myself.  I would be comfortable with a B but I am going to shoot for an A.

Open your eyes Ms. A Student!

What are your New Year's Resolutions Sweets? Tell me one!!!!


  1. Ok, so I'm not the only person that is horrible about washing my face before bed... My friends all judge me horribly...


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