Monday, January 30, 2012

Heavy to Happy Post


Well I sure didn't want to, but I got my cardio in last night. I took the dog on a hike in the morning with a vague promise to myself that I would run....didn't happen. It was much more interesting to talk to the MIL on my cell phone about the lululemon murder. Have you heard about this? I had not heard a peep about this until today....very disturbing.

Read about it here
Okay that was heavy, let's lighten the mood with a little discussion about America's Next Top Model. Nothing numbs the mind more than that show. Like I said, I never got around to exercising Sunday morning and before I knew it it was 8:30pm. So I hopped on my spin bike and jammed in an hour of cardio while watching back to back episodes of America's Next Top Model (season unknown). I don't know how you sweets feel about this, but watching shows with skinny people in it makes me workout harder.

"Don't Hate Us Cause You Ain't Us- Just Spin Faster"
What about you sweets? Are you motivated by seeing/being around fit people or do you get discouraged? In an attempt to find "model like" pictures of myself, these weird shots were the best I could come up with. Why do I always take such goofy pictures?

Notice no one else wanted to be pictured with me except Roxy
Good Dog
I hope nothing ever happens to me that requires HM to submit a photo to the police....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweating Champagne


Once again, my weekend rolled around and I still didn't get a chance to sleep in. Unacceptable! The saddest part of it all is that sleeping in to me is 9am. I am not asking for the moon here sweets, just a measly 9am! Saturday morning I was invited to attend a breakfast at my bosses house, so HM and I were up at 7am to get ready to head up to his house in Park City. It turned out to be more fun and less stressful than I expected. Mimosas were flowing and since I always want to leave a good impression with my boss, I accepted his offer to try some Tennessee moonshine he had been gifted. Ouch. As you can imagine, come 1pm, I had to put myself down for a nap and recover.

When I woke up from said nap, I didn't feel much better. When will I learn that even one glass of champagne will give me a headache? I figured the only way to get through this was to exercise. I leashed up Dog and zipped up my new jacket and headed out for a run.

I believe that the jacket is lululemon's Back On Track Jacket (I think). This run was the first time I have ever worn the jacket while using my iPod. It was awesome. I put the iPod in the jacket pocket and fed the cord through a little cord opening. The jacket also has a little loop higher up on the inside of the zipper that keeps the cord in place. I am sure this is old news to many of you, but I thought it was pretty cool. Buckley was looking pretty snazy himself and we coordinated our running outfit:

Neon Green Bandanna and Shoes
I told Buckley if he was a good little running buddy, he could go off leash when he got to the trail section of our route. I was sweating mimosas and moonshine (and still had the headache) so I knew good or bad, Buckley was going to get his off leash time so I could walk the trail section. So at mile 2.5, I took a walk break and Buckley got his chance to run sprints.

I would have run this if it were not for the ice
After the trail section, I started up the Garmin again and ran a total of 3.4 miles. It was nice to get out when it was sunny and sweat out my headache/champagne. Maybe I will do it again today.......

Getting out was never so pretty
What does your weekend workouts look like this week?

Friday, January 27, 2012

What Can Ya Do?


I was scrambling around the house this morning trying to find where HM hid my keys. I lie. They were in my purse...but at the bottom. I had to take stuff out in order to find the keys. I mean seriously right? I can still blame HM, he is the one that gave me the stupid awesome purse for Christmas. It has all of these pockets..... Arrgggh. Life is rough!

Anyways, so there I was- wild to find my keys (which is an almost daily hunt) and I realized that my life would be a lot easier if I could just get my self together. This was an epiphany I had to have on my own. It did no good when HM suggested that I "just find a place to put the keys so that you would always know where they are". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

But his "duh" statement got me thinking. There are many small things that would save me a lot of frustration later. Here are a few things that would help me avoid a stressful breakdown.

1. Pack my gym bag the night before. This sort of echos the chaos of the hidden keys. I spend as much time getting my crap together in the morning as I do getting myself ready for work. If I did pack my bag the night before, I wouldn't end up at the gym with no socks and one glove.

Maybe the other glove is somewhere in that dang purse!
2. Keep my closet room clean. Nothing adds to my frustration in the morning more than when I am searching for the lost items WHILE tripping and falling all over the junk on the floor of my dressing room.

This old picture reminded me what the carpet looks like!
3. Record all audio in one sitting. A large part of my job entails recording voice overs for training videos. I often come home with a script, record half of it and then "take a break"......only to end up not finishing until another day. Every time I record I have to set up all the equipment. If I did all the recording in one sitting, that wold only require one set up....not two.

Meet my friend, the snowball
4. Leave the office at least once during the day. Some days are hectic- true. Even running out to get coffee would meet this objective. I bring my lunch most days and if I have meetings too close together, I don't even go to the gym. Days are just plain better when I get a break. I feel like it resets my day and then the afternoon is more manageable.  HM and Dog surprised me at lunch today and we spent some time playing ball at the park nearby. After that, the day was so much easier.

Buckley starts running before HM even throws the ball. Dumb dog.
5. Pre-schedule all my appointments. I experience a lot of stress about how I REALLY SHOULD schedule that over due dentist appointment or a much needed hair appointment. Most of these things are a simple call away and yet I don't get around to scheduling them. Every time I am reminded that I need to get in for my annual check-up or eye lash refill, a wave of stress comes over me. Get it together Emily, geez. I mean, is it shocking that I need my roots touched up 6 weeks after my last touch-up? No.

*Any guess on this photo?
* The above photo is a picture of my paraffin wax wrapped hands as I was waiting for the dentist. I go to the Dental Spa. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a Dentist that incorporates spa like aesthetics. Sorry the photo is fuzzy. It was the best I could do considering the chair was a vibrating chair and I took the photo with my tongue. Gross yes, but my hands were moisturizing!

The point is, all the above changes are relatively small considering how much easier the changes would make my life. I am going to really try hard going forward. As long as HM does not hide my keys again I should be fine.....

What about you Sweets? Can you think of anything that would simplify your life?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sundance Film Festival


I am so excited because it is that time of year again.....time for the Sundance Film Festival!! Have you non-Utah based sweets heard of it? It is sort of a big deal, like the Cannes Film Festival. HM had fun waiting for me at the airport last Thursday because he got to see a few celebrities arriving. He is still twiterpated after sharing a bench with Emma Roberts.

We are seeing a total of four movies this year. The first one was on Friday night and it was FANTASTIC! It was called Wish You Were Here and it was an Australian movie filmed in Cambodia. It was sort of a mystery about a guy that went missing in Cambodia during a vacation with his friends.

Good thing I have already marked Cambodia off my list because the movie did not make it look like a safe place to visit! I loved Cambodia.... flashback 2009.......

Although you would not know that from this photo
Cool stuff
But back to Sundance.....

We had another movie Sunday night (Hello I Must Be Going). It was even better than the last movie. We stayed for the question and answer session with the director and actors.

We have one tonight and a final film on Friday. I am excited. I have a great feeling about the movies we picked this time around.

Let me know, have you sweets ever been to a Sundance film? What about a favorite movie? Tell me tell me tell me!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Incident

Grrrrrr Sweets,

Yes. I just growled and I apologize but I am just so worked up right now. Please, allow me to vent. I won't start at the begining because I know you don't have all day. Lets pick up around 6pm when I went to BifG. Tonight's workout was a tough one. My arms and legs were shaking by the time I left the gym.

It is unlikely that what happened next was due to 'roid rage. Mostly because I don't take steroids. It could have been all the signs I passed on the way from the gym to the car.....

But I don't think so. I don't think 'the incident' was my fault. After the gym, I headed over to the store to get some produce for juicing. I stopped at the most convenient store on my route home:

Caution: Crazies Inside
I was feeling pretty good after my hard workout. I was sporting a new lulu top I got from the gift exchange with my girlfriends. Score. I found some great produce. I proceeded to the checkout and that is when some chick who looked like she just got finished clogging a drain stepped on me. Yes. She stepped on me. I was waiting for the women in front of me to finish her transaction so I neutrally asked the drain clog behind me if she would mind stepping back a bit. She ignored me. Now imagine this please sweets. Our faces were 5 inches apart. There is no way she could not have heard me. I asked her to back up again and she looked at me and said "No".

I was a little put off. I pointed out that she was standing on me. She looked me up and down and said "No I am not". Our shoulders were touching mind you- and she was getting aggressive to the point I was losing my balance. That is how much she was in my space. It was just plain weird. I had two choices...well three if you count letting it go and being the bigger person.....I could shove her away OR I could verbally make a statement. Considering I make money and own property, I thought shoving would cost me. Drain clog probably doesn't even pay taxes. I went into verbal ninja mode. Not bad, but my point was made. It was weird sweets...seriously weird. She was OFF. Feeling shaking and creeped out, I grabbed my over sized grapefruit and drove home. Weird. I mean, who does that?!?!?

Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me!
Has anyone ever had an odd incident like this? Please share and make me feel better!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Thirty

Hey Sweets,

I had a pretty magical Saturday. It was my friend Tessa's birthday. We have had some epic celebrations over the years. This year she was turning 30 and was none too happy about. After lamenting that she didn't even want to get out of bed on her 30th birthday, we all decided to bring the party to her!
Me (left) and Tessa (right)
Lindsay, Me, and Tessa at Tessa's birthday 2 years ago
At 8am sharp we all met outside of Tessa's house. Thanks to the support of her husband, we were able to sneak in and wake her up with a surprise party. She was very surprised and a good sport when we told her that the whole day was planned......starting with a dirty thirty workout. Lindsay planned the workout which, given her competitive Ironman background, was an ominous forecast.

An ominous forecast just like the day's weather
Oscar the dog and I took a break to grab photos and encourage
The workout required running (uphill) to the park and then lapping 30 times around the soccer field. The idea was to run in a straight line, and then the last person sprints to the front of the line. Over and over and over and over again. Wow. The line was running at an 8 minute mile and then a sprint? I joined in for a bit and then ventured out on my own run covering about 5 miles.

Many of you are probably thinking...

"If my friends woke me up and made me do that on my birthday I would find new friends!"

Well, her birthday was not all uphill. We were instructed to show up at 8am wearing workout clothes and bring our bathing suit and pajamas. After the workout, we returned to Tessa's house changed into our pajamas and had a FEAST. A feast in the most serious use of the term. I am talking waffle bar, quiche, Cinnamon rolls, and of course gallons of mimosas.

Sophy working her magic at the waffle bar

After breakfast we sat in the hot tub and continued the mimosa marathon. I was home by 1pm and needed a serious nap after all the fun celebrating Tessa's Sweet Thirty birthday.

What did you sweets do this weekend?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Three Years (and 2 days) Ago

Okay sweets,

I was so excited when I pre-wrote a post for 1/19/12. It was cute. It was charming. It was going to tug at your heat strings. But there I was, sitting in the back row of a conference in Vegas (like a little slacker) checking in on my own blog via the iPhone.

"Oh no!"
I exclaimed.

"Everything okay?"
Asked a coworker.

"Just putting out fires." ho hum.
My standard work response.

This was not a normal fire. It was not one of my tech company's products failing me, it was Blogger! As you may have noticed, only the title of my post posted- the rest vanished never to be recovered. I was high on red wine the first time I wrote the post and don't have that sort of sap in me right now so let's walk down memory lane with some pictures. Three years (and 2 days) ago I met HM.

January 2009 - First Photo Together
February 2009- First time HM met my friends (Valentine's Day Fiesta Party)

March 2009- Hockey Game (HM is already waaay in love with me)
April 2009 - HM is thinking about what ring he is going to get me
May 2009- We went to Argentina together
June 2009 - We got engaged!
July 2009- Went to his family's house for the first time.
September 2009 - Took engagement photos
November 2009- Bought a house together & I left for Cambodia
December 2009- Our first Christmas together (in AZ, not pictured)
What a fun first year right? Well since then we have done a lot. We have become more attractive (this I know for sure after looking at these old photos). We got married (9/4/10) and honeymooned in Bali. We have traveled beyond Argentina- including Indonesia, Mexico, Chicago, Disney World, Napa, Dominican Republic, Las Vegas, and others I am sure I am forgetting.

I am so happy that I met HM three years ago. I am also happy he agreed to change his hairstyle. I'm in love.

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