Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm A Sweaty Hoarder

Hey Sweats,

Well here we are, the week between Christmas and New Years. There is always a lot of fuss leading up to the Christmas Holiday.

"I don't get what the fuss is about- I'm above it."
Then when it is over there is a sort of low. I feel like my inclination is to put off doing anything big until the New Year. Well this year, fueled by the fact that I have the entire week off work, I decided to de-clutter my life. Oh man did it implode into a bigger project!

Where did it all come from?!??!
At the time of writing this post, I am no where near done but I am making progress. I am donating 20 pairs of shoes to Women Helping Women (WHW) plus clothes. WHW is part of the Salt Lake Jr. League. They run a boutique filled with career clothes for women that are getting back on their feet - for one reason or another- and need professional clothes for a job.

All donations minus the poodle
So while part of me is sickened by the fact that I am apparently a hoarder, they other part of me is happy that I can donate so much to a good cause. Next step? The infamous junk drawer....

The junk drawer
Oh and by the way sweets, I think I need to chill on the workout clothes. Seeing them all in one mountain  pile put things in prospective!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Quick Pic Update

Hey Sweets,

During our trip to Sacramento, we decided to slip away for an afternoon and show HM a bit of wine country.

Lucky friend Ash and her Boy Toy were able to meet us there and help us drink a bottle of wine on the patio of a winery.

Boy Toy not pictured
 I know this is a rather short post, I just wanted to share some fun pictures with you.....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Damage

Hey Sweets,

Here I am nursing a cold, yet I am still looking forward to my BifG workout tomorrow morning. After driving to the west coast and back this week, I am feeling a little antsy. Even Mr. Dog was getting antsy during our drive. He slept most of the way but we tried to give a few opportunities to stretch his legs.

It took us about 10.5 hours to get to Sacramento. We turned in early because we had to get up at zero o'clock to start our drive. Fine by me, that just meant Christmas came as soon as I opened my eyes again!

Christmas morning with the fam
HM got me this awesome Tori Burch bag!!!! Love.
Despite the best intentions of my niece Makenzie, I still managed to overeat a bit. Could have been much worse...but I stopped tracking and I know I didn't burn off the extra calories. I am happy that I started BifG before I left through because having the diet in the back of my mind stopped me from getting seconds, made me finish only half my dessert, and share fries with HM.

Sweets thing, she tried offering me a fruit smoothie....
But she could not compete with a chocolate malt
or mushroom sandwich and garlic fries
Or a bite of HM's banana pie....
or a platter of sushi.

See what I mean? I need this workout!!!!

How bad did you do over the holidays Sweets?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sweet Sixteen My Fanny!

Happy Friday Sweets!!

I am happy to report that my new program is going swimmingly. I have been eating on program (although not the BifG recommended program) and following the exercise plan to a T. I started the day with a healthy breakfast and moved on to a healthy lunch with HM at Noodles.

Med Sandwich: Only 330 Calories!

For dinner I was on my own (HM ate while I was at the gym). I decided to keep it simple, if juicing can ever be considered simple. I juiced 1/3 of a sweet potato and 1 apple and had a bowl Quaker Oat Squares with almond milk.

Favorite cereal with my current favorite juice

In addition to 3 days of personal training a week, I am also supposed to do 4 days of cardio from the program. Because of the upcoming road trip, I had to go back to back Thursday. I was at the gym for training by 6pm and it was slightly better than water boarding. Today's first workout was called Sweet Sixteen. Here is how it goes:
15 Box Jump
1 Push Up

14 Box Jumps
2 Push Ups

13 Box Jumps
3 Push Ups....

Catching on sweets? We did that until we were at 1 Box Jump and 15 Push Ups.
Box Jump
Push Up
Sweet Sixteen my to-be-toned fanny! And that was just the warm up!!! But like I said, I had to rearrange my schedule and fit in a cardio workout too. I headed home and hopped on the spin bike for 45 minutes. Now that's commitment! Sometimes I wish I could be naturally skinny and eat what ever I some dogs I know!

"Don't hate me 'cause you aint me"
Buckley's breakfast of champions- marshmallows
And with that......I have some serious meal planning to get done before heading to see the rents in California. I learned last year that a girl has got to plan ahead....Nevada is a food desert.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Like Cheating at Solitaire


For those of you how have been reading for a while, you know I don't have a lot of patience for the touchy feely style of fitness. I don't really get yoga, nor do I believe that gluten is evil. So you can imagine how excited I was when I read the following statement on my BifG Getting Started guide:

Helpful Hint: If there is a day that you don't want or feel like working out, do it anyways. Exercise is not about how you feel that day. It is about a commitment to your long term goals.

I love the no BS approach. Me like. Me respond well.

Tell her you don't feel like it, she'll understand
Although I would not say that I am out of shape, I do feel like I am starting from the beginning. I am reminded of how serious one has to be in order to get results.  Maybe it is because I am so sore from the new training or because I am passing on office holiday sweets, but I am less empathetic to a certain coworker who is currently trying to lose weight.

She is attempting to lose weight...which is awesome.....but I can see certain traits that I know will thwart her efforts. Like many of my coworkers, she belongs to the gym next to the office.

Helping you out there sweets.....
Because we all have things to do after work, I always ask her to go with me at lunch. She has never taken me up on this and to my knowledge does not go to the gym at all. I point this out, not to dog on an otherwise awesome coworker, but to point out how much of a commitment weight loss really is. I know what this is like because I have made the same mistake in the past so I think that is why the BifG quote above rings so true to me.

In addition to skipping out on the daily gym visit, she also falls prey to the office sweets. Now I admit, we all are probably guilty of this but, the biggest fault is that her calorie estimates are waaaay off the mark. I notice that a lot of people lie to themselves when it comes to tracking calories. I try to be uber honest when tracking my food:

For the record, I didn't have chick peas, tomatoes, and an avocado for lunch. I had soup but I entered in the ingredients separately. When 10 almonds and 1/4 cup of almonds is 167 calories.....then dear coworker, these are more than 150 calories:

Listen sweets, when we skip a workout or underestimate the damage we do to our diet, we are the only ones that loose. I say this to you all to remind myself. Even when I don't feel like working out or eating right, I need to remember the BifG saying. It is not about today it is about where I want to be tomorrow.

Are you with me on this one sweets?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

That Taste Like grASS

Hey Sweets,

First off, let me say that the mystery of the padded laptop pocket has been solved (see yesterday's riveting post). There is in fact a laptop pocket. Unlike the my previous bag, the padded pocket is on the outside of the main compartment. Duh.

Moving on...

I started my day at 6am for my second BigF workout. Yowza. It was just as hard as the previous day, although nothing compares to introductory session! The first half of the workout was called Good Fight Gone Bad.

The workout had 5 stations. We would perform each station for 1 minute and then rest for 1 minute before the next round. We did this 3 times. The stations included a row machine, sumo squats, overhead military presses, box jumps, and a station where we threw a medicine ball up on a wall and did a squat inbetween. I did really well and I was all namaste after.

Can you see my heat center sweets?
I came home and made a super healthy breakfast. Egg Beaters (southwest flavor is the best) with half of an avocado.

Then I got started on my daily juicing. On today's menu was a juice called Martian Martini. It had 6 Kale leaves, 2 celery sticks, 1 cucumber, 1 green bell pepper, and 1 sq, inch cube of ginger.

As you can imagine, it tasted like grASS. It made the entire kitchen smell like a fresh cut lawn.

That said, I did finish most of it. I am guessing that I drank about 16 ounces of vitamins before throwing in the towel. Let's just say there is a reason why wheat grass is served in a shot form and not a full sized Walt Disney World souvenir mug!!!

I am sure I am healthier now and I am glad I gave it the 'ol college try....but it was no bueno.

Sweets, what is the sickliest thing you have ever eaten in the name of health???

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Destined For Greatness

Hey Sweets,

Lucky me. The Sister In Law surprised me with a lululemon gift card for my birthday/Christmas. It only took me a hot minute to recover from the jet leg of the D.R. trip before heading to my local store.
Back off Buck, that's mine
What did I get you ask? Well I got the Destined for Greatness Duffel of course!

Unst unst unst! My other duffel bag was a little too small for all the crap I have to lug around all day so I needed to up the anti. This puppy definitely ups the anti.

I got the plain black bag, not the blurred canvas pictured above. The best part is that my local store marked down this bag by $40!!! For those of you who have not caught on, lulu marks down items on a store by store basis. The bag is still available on the website for full price. Lucky lucky me me!

I have not had a chance to use the bag in action but I have high hopes! I have the bag almost packed and ready to go for Wednesday (my next visit to the gym). I already have my spin shoes, sneakers, and an entire workout outfit in there with room to spare.
All that plus extra room? Ah yeah!
Special side nets for my spin shoes? Oh lulu, you shouldn't have! A zippered pocket labeled Sweaty Wet Unmentionables? Stop it now! I can strap a yoga mat externally on the bag? You're killing me lulu!!

I do have two (small) complaints. One, my water bottle does not fit in any of the designated water bottle pockets. The only way I can carry the bottle around is in the phone pocket:
Sorry Phone, find a new home
'cause water bottle is moving in
The only other complaint.....I didn't know there was a padded laptop pocket until I posted the Key Features. HM was screaming at me to hurry up and come downstairs so that we could watch Terra Nova, so I didn't have time to fully explore this wonderful bag....but still, I didn't see one. I will keep you posted on this exciting development.

In the meantime, gotta give a shout out to the SIL for making this heartwarming tale of my new bag possible. Thanks Lisa!!!!

Yeah, Thanks Auntie Lisa!!!
Have a wonderful day sweets. Don't forget to sweat.

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