Monday, December 5, 2011

So Much For A Discount Doodle

Hey sweets,

As many of you may know, the poodle was a bit under the weather last week. I figured that a few days of (dog)bed rest would solve the problem. Buckley had a hair appointment Friday morning and the plan was to see how he was feeling in the morning to see if we needed to cancel. He woke up sprightly enough and even though he would still not eat anything, we headed to Meowsers. That is correct sweets, we take our cat and dog to a place called Meowsers. About an hour later we get a call from the groomers saying that Buckley was very sick (I will spare you the details of the conversation) and that we should pick him up ASAP.

In a panic, I took him here:

While we waited for the vet, I witnessed about the saddest doodle on earth. Compounding the sad eyes was the fact that Buck-tard was sporting half a hair cut. Obviously the groomers had to stop when he started getting sick. Let me tell you sweets, there is nothing more tragic than a half shaved poodle.
"I feel awful and this haircut sucks!"
"She looks shifty, I don't trust her"
For those of you who don't  know, he bought our poodle second hand....well some people would call him a rescue....and we only paid $350 for a $1200 dog. Score right? Wrong. Ol' drippy eyes racked up quite a bill after we got him x-rays, blood work, ear medicine (unrelated), anti-nausea pills, and a hydration pack....which resulted in a camel bump on his back that sloshed around for 2 hours...gross. See left side bulge below:

Now, of course I will do a lot and spend a lot for my favorite dog, but I was a little annoyed that after we paid the $600 bill, and nothing really amounted to all the tests, he was miraculously fixed. Here is the little bugger after his vet visit.

Little Jerk. At least pretend to be tired! In all seriousness sweets, thanks for the well wishes. They must have worked!


  1. My parent's dog has a problem with "Shiftys" as well.

    Glad everything is OK with the not-so Discount Doodle!


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