Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Magic Time

Hey Sweets,

Have I mentioned it is my birthday month? Hmmm, I could have sworn I mentioned to HM a few hundred times....

For my official birthday celebration, HM took me to dinner at Log Haven. It is a really cute restaurant up Millcreek Canyon. As the name implies, it is a log cabin and it is extremely cozy.

It was too nice a place to take picture during dinner, but it is such a popular little place that I was able to find pictures on the world interweb. I ordered the top sirloin and lobster tail. Um hello, yummy! Not my number one favorite type of food, but I love the atmosphere!

I am one lucky lady, my handsome hubby gave me this lovely watch for my birthday:

SCORE!!!!! I don't know if it is just an excuse to shop, but I feel like this watch makes every outfit look amazing. The watch must have special powers because the next night I went to Ann Taylor and tried on a dress that I have tried on three times before.

This time it was marked down from $148 to $79.99. Good deal right? But they were also running a special....50% off clearance items. $40?!?!?! You better believe I ran straight to the register! That is when the powers of the watch kicked in. The dress actually rang up as.....................wait for it..............$24.99. OMG, put it in my bag right now!!!!

It was meant to be!

Sweets, have you ever snagged a great deal?


  1. That's awesome! I LOVE finding killer deals on something you really really want.

    Happy Birthday Month!!

  2. Welcome to the gaudy gold mens watch club.

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