Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm Leaving On A Jet(blue) Plane


Just because I will be on vacation, doesn't mean I will forget about you! I will still be here for you so don't forget to check in while I am gone!! I am just finishing up packing for my vacation in the Dominican Republic and I am starting to get REAL excited. I have all the essentials, including my 5 Must Haves for a beach vacation:

1) A Good Book

I will be bringing Snow Flower and The Secret Fan by Lisa See and one other back up book that I have not yet decided on. Any suggestions sweets?

2) Sun Protection

I have packed plenty of SPF 30, Jackie-O sunglasses, and hats to ensure I spend no night laying awake with a sun burn.

3) Costume Jewelry

When traveling, I always bring an assortment of costume jewelry. Even in a humid environment you can through your hair up into a bun and slap on some dangling earrings and WALAH! Ready for a party on the beach.....or at least a way to re-wear an outfit and look different in pictures!

4) Workout Clothes

Working out on vacation is so much better than working out at home. There is new scenery to explore and after laying around for most of the day, a little workout feels good. I have enough workout stuff to get me through beach runs, tennis, and swimming laps. I will be earning everyone of those tropical drinks!

5) Props For Photos

I love taking pictures. This is even more so true when traveling. I have created and packed some photo props for a family photo (I will show you when I return). I am a huge fan of jumping on the beach photos, but the FAM already did that a couple of years ago for the holiday photo. Time to up the anti!
Christmas 2009
If I limited my packing to only those five items than I would probably have a much lighter suitcase...but come on Sweets, get real! Reality looks a lot more like this:

I am not savoy enough to upload pictures while on vacation. but I promise I will share when I get back....until then you can still enjoy some posts from Sweating Sugar, including a guest post from Buckley.


  1. Have a wonderful trip.
    And I'll tell you, running while on vacation is heaven on earth for me. I agree, it's awesome to explore new places and a wonderful way to do some sightseeing.
    Love the costume jewelry idea too, great idea!


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